Toshia on the Valentine Challenge

Toshia on the Valentine Challenge

 Toshia Shaw natural hair locsLove is indeed in the air! First of all let me say that I commend you ladies, for the effort, and the work you are putting into this competition. I was in your shoes, and as the runner of last year, it was not easy! So I do feel your pain. However, you all pull this off effortlessly and flawlessly; looking beautiful along the way. Good luck, and just know it was extremely hard to judge because you all look so beautiful!

 Toshia Shaw natural hair locsChassity: I loved your look simple, and elegant. You really did appear as if you walked right out of a bridal magazine. I could see a bride sporting this look and pulling it off, as long as she had your grace and elegance. Superb!

Kala: Fierce! I loved how you worked the headpiece and earrings; you really did look like a bride. Upbeat, lots of personality, and excited about her wedding day. I was drawn to this look in particular with the makeup done just right. I could see you standing on a beach exchanging vows. You really worked it here. Then the red hot ensemble you gave us with your free flowing mane, really switched it up for us. In an instant you became playful, sexy, and ready for date night. Awesome!

Desyray:  You were giving us innocent, beautiful, ready for her day. I really liked the placement of the cowrie shells, they framed your face nicely. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little more and give us something totally different too. Your look was safe, and a little too sweet. Switch it up a little bit more. You have come far, so don’t be afraid to push a little outside of the box. I did truly love the soft ringlets, and overall style.

ReShonda:  Your smile is infectious, and your hair was lovely. Again, the cowrie shells were beautiful along the nape, framing your face. I smiled because you were smiling, and really feeling it. Placing the cowrie shells along the neck was a great look too. Your hair was beautiful, nice job!

Jalitia: You pulled off that headpiece girl! I don’t know if I could rock it on my wedding day, but you made it work. Be careful with your smile, because at times it did not look genuine. Also, be careful of your lighting, in your shots. Bring more at this stage of the competition. Really go for it, and let your personality really shine through.

Nerfertiti: You did look sweet, but the style wasn’t memorable for me, kind of blah. It was simple, and of course you are beautiful.  I do understand the look you were reaching for, but I really couldn’t see this look on a bride on her day. I needed a bit more.

Carlie: I felt you were striving for romantic and soft however, your facial expressions were giving me something else. Your hairstyle was safe, and I think the softness, and slight blur on the picture is what helped in getting this look across. I liked the headpiece more as a necklace than in your actual hair. Still you were able to pull it off, but really open up and go for it.

Overall great job everyone!

My winner for this week Chassity, because she really made me feel as if she was in love, getting married, the headpiece looked great in the overall hairstyle. Great Job!

My favorites were:  Kala and ReShonda

Least favorite: Jalitia

Thank you so much for the opportunity.

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