‘Tis the Season to be Naturally Chic!

‘Tis the Season to be Naturally Chic!

Holiday Hair CombsDecember is finally here!  Your calendar will soon start to fill with invitations to Dinner Parties, Christmas Programs, the annual Office Holiday Party, and the biggest Party of them all… celebrating the countdown to the New Year!   You have selected your wardrobe with shoes to match. However, you have run out of ideas for creating a Chic Natural do.  What should you do? Take a timeless style such as Twist Outs and accessorize!!

Holiday Hair Combs

Twist Outs are my favorite Natural Hair style to wear for the following reasons:  

  1. You can twist your hair the night before the party and sleep comfortably without being poked and prodded by rollers.  
  2. Twist Outs add volume and fullness to your hair without having to use harsh chemicals from hair sprays/spritz and/or gels.  
  3. It’s effortless to create, maintain, and style on your own.  

For a Chic Holiday style, jazz up your Twist Outs with Hair Accessories.  Allow your Natural Hair to take its rightful place as center stage. Your dress and shoes do not have to be your only fashion statement for the night. Hair accessories are the perfect compliment to your Holiday Outfit.   

My recent trip to the mall opened my eyes to versatility of Headbands, Hair Clips, and Hair Combs.  I saw pearl beaded headbands, flower headbands, feather headbands, and headbands with pearls, gems, flowers, and feathers all in one band!! The possibilities are endless. 

If you prefer just a touch of sparkle in your hair try a pearl, rhinestone, or beaded Hair Clip or Hair Comb. They truly add a subtle but chic finishing touch to your do.  

Straight and Relaxed has been the norm for years. By adding your own spin on a Chic Natural do, you are opening the minds of Non-Naturals to the endless possibilities of Natural Hair.  Now go out and party and allow your hair to sparkle and shine! 


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