Simeko – Feedback on The Valentine’s Challenge

Simeko – Feedback on The Valentine’s Challenge

Simeko Watkins-HartleyEach week is getting more and more intense.  As I look at the photos and the stories that they are telling, I am drawn in more and more. We’re getting closer to the end of this competition and it is clear that everyone of you are really working hard to win.

This week’s choice winner, for me, is Chassity – You, absolutely, drew me in and I loved it! Everything about your delivery this week exuded inspiration and love….your photos, your story, and the way you adorned your hair.  This is what this competition is all about.  If you keep this up, you will be America’s Next Natural Model!


Simeko Watkins-HartleyThis week’s choice elimination, for me, is Jalita – I think you are absolutely beautiful and I’m usually impressed with your photos. However, this week it seems as though you just showed up.  I didn’t really feel any expressions from your photos.  You are one of my favorite models, and I want you to bring it like I know you can. 

Kala, Nefertiti, Desyray, Reshonda, Carlie – Every week you ladies are getting stronger which is making it harder to pick a winner.  Keep up the great work! 

My advise to all of you is to “SHOW UP & SHOW OUT”  Make each week count as if it is your last week and give it everything you have!

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