feedback week 3 naturalbelle

feedback week 3 naturalbelle

wow what a great week, there are at least 5 shots that are campaign ready! well done ladies, you’ve all taken on the advice the judges have given you over the last few weeks! i’ve seen amazing growth from all of you!

this week i have so many fav’s i’m can not pick a clear winner so i have picked 3 joint favourites Timolin, Eboney and Nina, they work perfectly with the brand any of them could be used for a campaign well done ladies!



Ebony: these shots are amazing! loved seeing a different side of you and your hair, the dry twist out looks great! your images this week are very editorial, great for beauty head shots and hair and very fitting for the brand. i would like to have seen the product incorporated into your shoot either in the  shot or in post production, however the images are very strong.

munya: your shoot for very strong and themed beautifully, your locks look gorgeous down! the format for the images are in keeping with advertising standard, but i would have like to have seen, a little more creativity, the consistency of your images are great but make sure you mix it up a little it’s a little two dimensional at the moment however i love that you can see what you are advertising clearly.

nina: your pictures are improving week by week, you have really understood the brief. the styling and location are very in keeping with the brand, i’m glad to see you have taken on the judges advice and thought about your surrounding, you have incorporated the product but kept it creative with some props! you look like your having fun and the radiance is shinning through beautifully!

Natasha: another candidate that is improving week by week and taking on the judges advice. great interaction with the product and creativity with the earrings!! my advice would be when using post production make sure it is seamless and neat, your ideas are great but make sure you go back and clean them up and execute them well.

laura: great improvement on last week, you’ve really taken the advice on board and focused on your surroundings and making the images flow together, i love the hay and flower. your shoot was very natural and you’ve worked with the products well, great to see you smiling and having fun with the shoot.

Timolin: another fantastic shoot, you have also really understood the brief. i love the colours you have used. your hair and styling are great and work well with the brand. you have been very creative with your poses and they really work well showing versatility and an understanding of advertising campaingne anyone of these images are campaign ready well done!

Stephanie:  love that you are having fun with the shoot, you look really happy which is great, i love your island colours in a winter setting. try to watch your picture quality you need concentrate on your composition too and your posing remember we are suppose to be looking at the product as well as the ambassador.

Raven: i love that you have given us some softer shots and shown that short hair can be versatile, as always your pictures are very editorial. i love the the shot in the towel as it is a great mix of freshness and edginess. you always thing outside of the box so keep it up but i’m glad you have shown a more commercial side.

Denitrtika: glad you have taken advice of judges and worked on your lighting the outside, remember to consider where you are shooting, built up areas work well for some advertisement but i’m not to sure it works so well for this brand. also be sure to make sure your pictures are in focus so we can see your gorgeous face.

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