Challenge 3

I had a photoshoot for challenge 3 yesterday (With F. Rankin) and will be shooting again today (with my boo:).  That is my favorite part!  I enjoy being creative in finding ways to sell a brand.  Being part of this competition is hopefully preparing me for bigger things in the future.  I lost my job last month and was denied unemployment, so im going through the annoyance of that.  But I’m thankful for the time I now have to pursue acting and modeling.  I look forward to the challenge e/ week b/c this is what I want to do…I’d rather be a struggling artist in hopes to no longer struggle, then working a 9-5 with no time to make dreams come true…I have my health and friends and family that love me.  The materialistic things in life dont matter if we dont fulfill our potential.

“Do what you love and love what you do.  If you dont know what that is, love the journey in finding out”  T. Borum

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