Why I won’t fool with nature anymore.

Big Chop Near Me

As a graphic production artist I know how frustrating it is to create a piece of artwork that I absolutely love and have somebody request modifications to it that change the whole concept.  I never thought of myself as a masterpiece, but rather a blank canvas that needed painting.  For years I permed, bleached, dyed and pressed my hair.  I wore colored contact lenses.  I squeezed myself into fashions that didn’t suit my frame just because that was “what everybody was wearing” .  Who was I?  Your guess is as good as mine!  I was a person who really needed to find myself.  It was during the time that I was wearing a short, edgy style that required almost daily trimming and bi-weekly bleach and dye and daily pressing that I finally had enough.  I was constantly working on my hair!  I couldn’t leave the house without a brush, comb, flat-iron, silk scarf and even a scissors depending on where I was going. It wasn’t until I met my boyfriend who has long natural hair that I decided to ditch the short style and grow my hair back long.  I still intended to perm it, but I went back to my natural color because I thought the red would be too much if it were long.  My hair started to grow and once it reached my shoulders I decided I was never perming again.  I love my curls.  That’s when I realized God is an artist and each one of us is His masterpiece.  He gave us each a unique skin tone, unique hair type, unique features and in His eyes we are beautiful.  Why would any of us try to modify an already beautiful creation?

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