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detox conditioner
detox conditioner
Detox conditioner

From JW:

For years I have used glue for weave purposes. I went to a dermo dr. and he prescribed a shampoo.

Needless to say it did not work. But he did tell me that my bulb was damaged from pulling the

tracks out of my head instead of removing them properly. My hair has never grown back fully

in the top.

What do you recommend for this type of hair loss. I want to go natural but would love to have my hair

thicker in the top. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Detox Conditioner

going natural detox conditioner

Hello JW,

Thank you for your visit and your question. I am sorry to hear about your situation. I wonder how long you have worn weaves, why you used glue and why you didn’t take the time to remove the hair properly. Using glue for weaves is not recommendable to begin with because no matter how careful you are, glue will almost always cause damage to your hair. So one needs to be extra patient and careful when using it.

I just posted another example of a celebrity who has this problem same issue after Naomi Camble. I really hope we learn from these cases.

You did the right thing though by going to the Dermatologist. The reason your hair hasn’t fully grown back is probably because what you were diagnosed with: your follicles are damaged. The bad news is that if the doctor is right, your hair may never fill in again. Of course you can always go for a second opinion and hope for the best.

What I can share with you is the only home remedy that I know of that truly stimulates hair growth. It’s quite unconventional and some people may think it’s laughable but I like to share it nonetheless because it worked for me.

I am convinced that this old home remedy stimulates the hair bulbs for growth, however I am not sure if it can repair them. I am afraid that once follicles are seriously damaged, no prescription can fix it.

The remedy I am talking about is a very old and simple one. It’s very affordable and every one can try it because you can get the main ingredient any time, any where usually for less than $1. It’s onion juice. Onions have layers of active Sulphur, an ingredient known to stimulate hair growth.

Here is how to do the treatment. Get a fresh white onion, then crush it in a grinder or juicer to get it as fine as possible. Add the juice of the crushed onion to the affected area every night before going to bed. Keep the crushed onion in the fridge. Cover your hair with a cap and a turban to prevent your pillow and bed smelling like onion. If the scent is not gone in the morning than dip a q-tip in the Scalp Conditioning Spray and wipe the affected area clean.

Wash and condition your hair every week, religiously. I would recommend the Detox Conditioner and Hair and Scalp Detox Treatment even before you start doing the onion treatment and continue using it during this time.

I hope this helps. Good luck and please keep us posted if you like.

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