Hi Going Natural Fam,

I want to keep you up to date on what’s going on with me since winning the competition and holding the title of ANNM 2012! Well, today I spoke to NBC 17 (in N.C.) about the results of the contest and that will air on this Wednesday at 11:00 eastern time. I will post a link as well! It was nice to look back on the challenges and all we (my team, going natural family and myself) went through to get me to being able to reach out to you today! I am so grateful and blessed to be filling this space, on this site right now. My goal is to reach out as much as possible and keep you abreast of what happenings I uncover as Miss Nappturality (ANNM 2012). Until next time, Peace and blessings and of course keep it curly!


Watch this at WNCN Raleigh NC




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