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Hi Naturalistas! I often get the question of how I create different looks, from natural to dramatic and everything in between. Well, of course practice makes perfect but having great brushes sure does help too! So if you are still using Q-tips or the spongy tips that often times come with eyeshadow kits,….ding, ding, ding,…there’s your problem. Here’s what to do…

Invest in a set of good quality brushes or at least get some mid grade brushes to practice with and to see if you can tell a difference in the appearance of your makeup applications (I’m sure you will ;).  I have listed some key must have brushes below to get you started so no one pushes more on you than you actually need (you can thank me later).

1. Powder brush- large fluffy brush for setting foundation or to apply a powder foundation

2. Blush brush- usually second largest brush in the necessity category,…for …blush

3. Base eye shadow brush- flat wide brush for applying your first eyeshadow color and goes right over your primer or eye paint

4. Crease brush- this brush is shaped like a flame of fire on a candle as its tapered upward all the way upward to the tip so that it can grab eye color and distribute in the crease of the eye

The above will get you started on your journey of defining your look and creating a more polished eye that will more easily show those vibrant colors you purchase and make your eye pop! Until next time remember ….


“It’s More Than Just Lipstick”








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