The Link between relaxers and Uterine fibroids explained

Aevin's Worlds biggest afro

This has been a public secret for decades but like so many things when it comes our Black community, the information was either not widely shared and sometimes even ignored or dismissed. Hopefully now that Dr. Rachael Ross from The Doctors explained it, this can now become public knowledge that won’t be ignored.

World's biggest Afro

The first time I read about the link between relaxers and Uterine fibroids was in the Natural Hair Book of Pamela Farell’s book “Let’s Talk Hair”. A book that came out in 1996 but only three years ago we started to read more about it. From BET to Essence reported this mainly on their websites but nothing works like a visual and TV.
Dr Rachael Ross from The Doctors TV only brought home the information that we all need to hear, see and share. Not to scare people but to allow us to make conscious choices when it comes to our health and beauty.

Aevin,Dugas Guinness World Record holder of the biggest afro was also on the show talking about the scalp burns that relaxers can cause but also about her beautiful world record holding afro!

If you are curious about the scalp damage Aevan is talking about see this story: Good Hair was All She Wanted. More about Aevan, read Aevan’s hair story. Aevin’s Hair Story





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