That good ol’ Satin Pillow

Satin Pillow America's Next Natural Model

Here a little story about my experience with that good ol’ satin pillow

So my younger cousin called and reminded me of a family event that will happen this weekend. I knew family members that I have not seen in a while were going to be there. I knew I had to leave a good impression and look my best to meet with the family. Immediately I panicked! How could I prepare for this event on such short notice? What about my hair? I asked myself, I just got busy and started to think of styles and what to wear. If I were to take things step by step I would not be in a chaotic mess, I told myself. I focused on my hair since that took the longest, while my hair sets I would pick out an outfit. I put my hair in 3 twist, curled the ends and applied coconut oil. But the another dilemma hit me…HOW WOULD I BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN THE SHEEN AND THE CURLS IN MY HAIR WITHOUT IT BEING RUINED?

Pillow case for natural hair

I felt that immediate panic start up again, then, I realized I had the solution, my satin pillow-The pillow would keep my curls from drying out and tangling while I slept- with this I picked out and outfit and went to bed. I dreamt of myself looking good while catching up on old and new time with the family. The moment of truth arrived, HOW WOULD MY HAIR LOOK? After I turned and twist all night and probably flatten my curls and dried my hair from the loss of coconut oil. Whewwwwwww not only did my curls maintain its loose curves but it shined. I was ready for anything, what do you think?

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Pillow case for natural hair


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