Tamara’s liberating hair transition

Going Natural Black Hairstyle

Going Natural Black HairstyleTamara of Houston, Texas went natural in October 2006. She describes her decision to go natural as a liberating one since it allowed her to create her own personal definition of beauty. Since then she became confident enough to take control of her body image.

Going Natural Black Hairstyle
















Tamara and her husband.

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When and why did you go natural?

I decided to grow my relaxer out and transition to natural hair in the summer of 2006. I used to go on 3 months without a relaxer before, so I figured I could go natural and look alright. I transitioned for 5 months by wearing styles that masked the 2 or 3 different textures in my head such as roller sets, flat iron straightening and twist outs. The first 3 months was fairly easy but at the 4th and 5th month, I started to notice a difference between the 3-4 personalities in my head. It was scary at first, but later on I finally had the courage to take control of my body image. I started to create my own personal definition of beauty and it was so liberating.



What was the hardest part of your journey?

The hardest part of my journey to a natural hair had to be the reality of facing the unknown that is going to happen. After 5 months of stretching my relaxer, I decided to do the big chop’d. It really wasn’t my intention at first to wear my hair in its natural state. I just wanted to cut my hair and when I did, my stylist began to notice curls. I panicked and it was scary but after I got the approval and support of my husband, things started to work out great.


You can read more about my big chop here.


Going Natural Black Hairstyle

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And the best part?

The best part of begin natural is the curls.  Curly hair is so liberating and carefree (once you master your individual curls.)


What did your hair journey teach you?

My hair journey was very spiritual in the sense that I felt a higher sense of self-worth.  I learned with my hair and as it grew I experimented with products and techniques that nurtured both my hair and body from the inside out. I learned how to define my own beauty.  I found out that natural hair is like no one else’s and I’ve learned to love its uniqueness.

Describe your worse hairdo and your best hairdo and please include a picture if you can.

I can’t really think of a worse hairdo. I love my hair styles. I mean if I’m doing my hair and find it as something I don’t like I simply redo my hair. My best hairdo is two strand twists. It is very versatile and protects my hair.


Looking back, has your perception of your hair or black hair in general changed? Please elaborate.

Yes, it has changed.  I’m now more knowledgeable about hair care in general.  I no longer perceive hair as “good” or “bad”.  I understand that healthy hair is good hair.


What is your favorite hairstyle?

My favorite hair style is the twist out. My hair is full and curly.


Can you please finish the following sentence: I love my hair because?

I love my hair because its mine.


Going Natural Black Hairstyle

Now more about Tamara and her journey to natural hair in www.naturalhairrules.com


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