How to get your locs to shine with the Loc Glove ; No products needed

How to get your locs to shine Braidlocs

Get your Locs to Shine with the Loc Glove : Have you been desirous to achieve an exceptional shine for you locs but can’t seem to find the remedy? Well, you have clicked and connected to the right link that will not only advise you of the product but guide you through the entire process.

Caring for your Sisterlocks, Free-form locs or Traditional locs doesn’t have to be complicated. The truth is even with the best recommended products that currently exist on the market to provide the moisture from root to each and every loc tip; a lot of locs tend to be dull and still lack true shine. So, what’s the missing piece to the puzzle?

As you continue reading this article you will garner a better understanding of the loc glove, how it works, and the great benefits it imparts to locs.


Show to get your locs to shine with the Loc Glove


What is the Loc Glove?

The loc glove is made of extremely soft polyester material with great durable quality. It measures 5 inches wide and 10 inches long. The material of the loc glove is built with tiny fibers that work to catch all lint, dust, allergens, and odor. So out with the use of apple cider vinegar or baking soda that can be quite drying and damaging to your hair.


What is the Loc Glove Made to Do?

The loc glove is made to thoroughly clean the loc_s, without damaging it, while absorbing up to eight times its weight in water. Incredible, isn’t it? This works to effectively dry loc_s and provide the daily maintenance to keep loc_s healthy and strong.

The great thing is that it can also be used on natural hair to minimize the drying time.


Benefits of Using the Loc Glove on Locs :

There are so many benefits to using the loc glove on a regular basis for your locs and natural hair. Some of these benefits include:

  • Shiny locs
  • Remove frizz from locs
  • Odor reduction
  • Great at creating starter locs
  • Cleans hair and scalp
  • Prevents your locs from become polluted
  • Great at forming beautiful coils
  • Anti-static
  • Drastically minimizes the drying time of locs and natural hair
  • Great for loc retwisting
  • Prevents hair and locs from becoming damaged
  • Traps dust and removes it from locs


Final Thoughts

True care for loc_s and hair consists of more than cleansing and moisturizing hair and scalp. It involves the use of the loc glove to remove hard to capture lint, allergens, odor, and product build up before it starts.

Loc glove is serious about giving your hair and loc_s the beautiful shine it deserves!


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question :  What is on the gloves that helps to clean the locs?

Answer :  Nothing. It is the material. It is a special velvety fabric that attracts dust, lint, absorbs odor and holds 7 times its weight in water.

  • Question :  How does it work?

Answer : By removing dusts, product residue and environmental pollution that settles on the surface of your loc_s. That is how it brings out the shine of your loc_s.

  • Question :   How often should you use the gloves? How do you clean the gloves from usage?

Answer :  It depends on your hair routine. You can use it daily if you want if you live in a dusty area for instance. Or you can use it after every wash. I recommend washing after using it for a week and it is important that the glove completely dries before you use it again.



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