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Are you a blogger/vlogger who’s interested in earning extra cash and traffic? Check out our program. It is free and easy to join!


If you are an enthusiastic blogger/vlogger who can use more traffic and a little more cash for your hard work of maintaing your blog, here is what we can offer you. 

1) A link to your blog; as a blogger you probably know that more links increase your popularity and visibility on the web, so the first thing we offer you is a free link.

2) Giveways & Reviews; If you like to offer giveaways and like to do reviews, join group Bloggers & Vloggers. often receives new products and we need bloggers and vloggers who can share their opinion with us.

3) Your own Adsense banner; if you have been blogging for a while you know that ads can help you earn revenue. So you can get a free banner on your profile page. That means optional increased revenue for you as a blogger. This costs you nothing, all you have to do is add your pub-id. 

So have you registered yet? You better join the rest of us!

Here is how you can add the adsense banner to your Profile page:
Click on Profile –> Custumize My Page when you are on your Profile page. On the right you will see Community Google Ads. Click the middle icon, enter your Pub-Id and save.

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