Ringlets that bang; A Natural Hairstyle that turns heads

Flat Twisted coiled ringlets Natural Hairstyle

A natural hairstyle for a special occasion should not only suit your face and just look good on you, it should stand out! Needless to say that finding that kind of natural hairstyle can be quite a challenge. We understand and gladly offer you inspirational, tips and tricks from an expert.

 flat twists curls coils going natural hair care

So here is a Coiled up natural hairdo by Alta Gracia, a stylist from Suriname who doesn’t only focus on beauty but also on health.

Since healthy strands are imperative to beautiful hair, she will take care of that first. So it is no coincidence that Natural Hairstylist, Alta Gracia chooses to use the Going Natural Hair Care products. Thel Going Natural Clean start which is essentially a Detox Treatment will make anybody’s kinks and coils come to live and make them shine by feeding them from the inside out, getting rid of dry hair issues instantly.

Once the natural hair strands have come to live with the Going Natural hair care nutrients, they will tell you that they are eager to be styled! Ready to show off and turn heads with a beautiful healthy happy great smelling natural hairstyle!

The Style

The flat-twisted coils out ringlet natural hairstyle is a hairstyle that can come to anyone’s rescue, adorning hair gracefully and giving you a “Queenly look”. If and when you finally agree to make this head turning hairstyle with adorable shiny ringlets that kiss your face, you will need about three hours.  Although the model’s hair is shoulder length and thick, your natural hair doesn’t have to be this long or thick. This natural hairdo will look good on anyone who puts in the effort.

Flat-twisted in the back this style is made to lap on one side of your face and looks as though your hair was twisted to form coils. The flattwists in the back can last for at least a week even two. Just make sure you use the Scalp Conditioning Spray to keep your scalp from itching and the follicles from drying out. Making bantu knots of the loose hair with some Silky Shea Hair Butter, will not only keep the ringlets moisturized and beautiful, it will give your hair that undeniable bang.

flat twists curls coils going natural hair care back

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