Model Neo Anderson

Neo Anderson

Model Neo Anderson
Model Neo Anderson

a shy upcoming model who opens up about modeling and natural hair.

Neo Anderson 

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? What is your name, where are you located and how did you get into modeling?
Hi, my name is Neo Anderson. I’m a new face to the fashion/talent industry. I’m located in Delaware (The First State). I became involved in modeling after being persuaded to do a fashion show. Persuaded you may ask, yeah I’m really shy, but I’m working on that.

What were your fears?
My first fears were missing a step, falling, or just doing something that would make me look like a fool.

When was your first break?
First break was my first fashion show, 6 months ago. Man…..did I enjoy that experience.

What exactly did you enjoy? Can you describe it?
What I enjoyed about my first break into modeling was the audience reaction. Everyone was so excited and telling me what a good job I did, this really made me feel confident about myself. Since my first break my confidence has sky-rocketed and now I’m able to execute modeling jobs effectively.

What makes you unique as a model? Do you have a signature look or style that make agencies choose you over other models?
My uniqueness comes from my hair, eyes, and personality; my features allow me to be more marketable and diverse based on need. I could fit in as different races. Currently I’m not with an agency, but I’m testing the market.

Photo of Neo AndersonWhen and why did you start growing your hair?
It’s been 3 years since I started growing my hair. The reason I let my hair grow is; due to my college location, I had minimal transportation and I didn’t have confidence in the local barbers, so it just started growing.

Your hair looks absolutely fabulous. Would you mind sharing a couple of your secrets? How do you take care of your hair? What is your routine?
My secret is…I have beautiful parents. I keep my hair trimmed often. Routine is simple; wash and comb through daily.

We grow up with quite negative ideas about nappy hair. Did you also grow up with the stereotypical notions or have you always loved your hair?
Since I grown my hair out, I really enjoyed the opportunities it has given me. I love my hair!!!

And before you let it grow?
Before I grown my hair out it was a wave low cut. I didn’t get any negative energy from that style, because it was the norm at the time.

In your opinion, is natural African hair just a statement or birthright? And why?
I think it’s a birthright, because not all Africans have the same hair texture.


There are plenty of funny stories of hairstylists messing up Black artists’ hair. Like Oprah who almost went bald when an Italian hairdresser thought he could do all kinds of hair: blond hair, brown hair and Black hair. Have you ever experienced something alike or can you bring your own hairdresser?
Unfortunately, I have had a bad experience once; this was when I went to get my ends trimmed. The finally result ended up like a hair cut.

What happened? Was it cut too short or in a bad shape and did you go to another barber to have it corrected?
What had happen was I requested a monthly end trim and the stylist went a little too far by cutting off to much hair. My hair was to short for the way I liked to have it positioned. All I could do was, wait for the new growth to grow in, so it could return to my desired length.

Neo AndersonHave you ever experienced controversy because of your hair?
Little, some people told me I would have to cut my hair or I won’t be a successful model.

What did you think when you were told this? Especially because you say your hair makes you special.
I thought that they were crazy, being that my curls give me an original look. As I learn more about modeling I think they may have a point. Clients want an everyday person image, so the potential buyers can relate to the product. My hair only relates to a small portion of the market.

Have you ever considered locs? Can you please elaborate?
No. I was recommended to try them though.

Do you think you’ll look as good or better with locs or do you think they won’t improve your looks?
I don’t think locs would improve my overall appearance. I think they would give the look of my having cornrows a few years back.

Can you name one or more highlights of your achievements up until now?
One achievement I would say I gained would be; being acknowledged as a reliable source of information.


Can you please explain?
What I mean by being a reliable source is other modeling would ask me how to become a successful model, what type of images they need in their portfolio. Another thing could be who reliable photographers to shoot with in different areas are. Basically they would believe in what I tell them do to my examples in my work.

What do you like about modeling and what is your goal?
Things I like about modeling are meeting new people, travel, money, and the reactions. My goal is just to enjoy what I’m doing; success will follow.

What was your favorite photo shoot up until now? Not for the money or anything else but just the one you had the most fun with and please tell us why it was so much fun.
My favorite photo shoot was with spark weekly. It was a beach location. I really enjoy being at the beach and to add modeling to it only enhanced the experience. Then, the next week you see that you’re on the cover of the magazine; only brings a smile to my face, thanks Jess.


Neo AndersonWhat is your favorite food and how do you stay in shape? Is it hard for you to stay in shape?
My favorite food would have to be pizza. Topped with fresh Italian sausage and a sprinkle of oregano, before you know it the box is gone. Ummm. I stay in shape by eating a well-balanced diet and maintaining a complex workout plan. It’s not really hard to stay in shape, especially when you enjoy the feedback.

What would you teach your daughter about her hair?
I would teach her to ask her mommy for help. Lol.

Do you think it’s important to teach young girls to love their natural roots? Please elaborate.
I think its very important to teach young women to love their natural roots because society has conditioned our youth to think that you’re not as desirable unless your hair is 18 inches long and blowing in the wind.

Who is your favorite model, both male and female, and why?
Male model… P.Diddy, he’s not a model. Actually everyone is a model, given the situation. I love his presence.
Female model…Tara Banks, she’s not only a fashion model, but a business model. Total package.

Do you know any Black natural hair models and who would be your favorite?
No not really, but hopefully I will someday.


Natural Hair of Neo Anderson


I am not sure how it compares to other races so is it odd that there are nearly no Black natural models?
Yes, I believe that it is very odd that there aren’t many natural black models because women with natural hair possess a certain type of beauty. And no, because mainstream has convinced the public that you have to have a certain type of look.

Any Valentine plans?
No, not really, maybe watch a movie with that special somebody. I’m not to elaborate, just laid back, shy type of guy.

What do you think would be a lovely romantic Valentine style for a Black woman with natural African hair? (Choose any style, locs, fro, braids, twists just name or give an example)
I think a fro, whether it be curly or blown out would be a lovely Valentines Day hairstyle because you can feel free, sexy, and fierce.

Last word?
Continue to keep an eye-out for me. I’ll be in an advertisement near you. For interest in booking; check out my links,, or Google “NEO ANDERSON MODEL”.



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