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Pretty Sad…
Hi, I'm Imani Yuri and I just wanted to write you this.

I think that it is sooo beautiful that you are another gorgeous black female that is inspiring others to go natural.
I am also going natural and I love people like you that keep us beginners strong and by the way I believe I am the youngest NATURAL sistah lol I am 15 years old : )

well anyhoo thank you for being on myspace!


naps are sexy…Especially the peas that grow on the back of that neck…those individual, balled up militant naps….I want a woman with nappy eyebrows.


Hi my name is Evon. I just wanted to say I love your page and what it represents. I am also natural and cant remember when the last time I permed my hair. I dont miss it. I acually cut it all of , but not all at once. Im still learned how to properly take care of my hair. It can be fusturating at times, but I keep them ion braid most of the time and thinking about getting locs. I want to stay natural but be able to explore styles that represent me. free. By the way I love your Afro.


How ’Bout That Hair?
I have noticed lately that a lot of women in the black community are deciding to sport natural do's instead of perming, weaving, etc. Personally, I can dig it, not that I have anything against any particular hairstyle, I just feel good when I see a woman brave enough to rock a soul fro, dreads, twists, whatever….It's bold, rebellious, confident and it's sexy…
I wonder how many of you have faced any adverse action in the workplace, or your home, or from your friends due to your decision to go natural? If you are in a relationship, how does your mate feel? What made you go natural in the first place? What advice would you give to someone who may be contemplating whether or not to stop treating their hair chemically?
Again, I applaud your willingness to be free, to make a statement, and to ezpress pride in who you are. I think wearing your hair in its natural state sends a strong message of pride and self confidence that we would be wise take note of and adopt in other areas of our lives..Nappy makes me Happy!



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