Judges on Challenge 4


Hello again ladies,

Thank you for a wonderful week. I really enjoyed looking at all of your photos. All of us judges agreed that you’ve improved and we just love seeing that.

This week we didn’t all agree on the same winner but we agreed that Lydia Onimo and Jayme both had great photos! Yes you ladies, you brought your A-game, putting a smile on all of our faces. 

We didn’t really agree on the order but I am sorry to say that two of us thought that Angela’s photos were the weakest this week. Please read on.

Feedback of Dajuan Jones

1. Luds
Photos: The first thing that came to mind was “Lydia is bringing her A game this week!” 5 stars
Interpretation: Your rendition of this weeks challenge is spot on! 5 stars
Hairstyle: You’re hairstyle was appropriate for the Trendy Purple Hat. 5 stars
Write Up: Very nicely done. Discussed her hair treatment and the products. 5 stars
Dajuan JonesConnection: Yes! 5 stars

2. Suzu
Photos: I love how you’ve step things up this week! 4.5 stars
Interpretation: Nice interpretation of this weeks challenge. Adding the scene of the car with the hood up was thinking outside of the box! 5 stars.
Hairstyle: Loved your hairstyle! Very appropriate for this weeks challenge. 5 stars
Write Up: No mention of the products (accessories and hair). Big miss this week. 2 stars.
Connection: I’m seeing the growth! Bring more variation. One could copy & paste your month against the majority of the photos. But keep growing in this area! 4 stars

3. Farah
Photos: Wow, nicely done this week. I’m seeing so much growth in so many areas. 4.5 stars
Interpretation: You definitely interpreted the challenge this week. If it weren’t for some of the other contestatants thinking outside of the box … 4 stars
Hairstyle: Great style, and appropriate for the challenge. 5 stars
Write Up: Nice write up, but I was looking for a little more selling me on the product. 4 stars
Connection: Good job this week. Keep improving expression. Half the images have the same mouth expression. But the other half were awesome! 4.5 stars

4 Jayme
Photos: Very nicely done. It was great to see you pull together so many things this week. 5 stars
Interpretation: Your interpretation was on point. 4.5 stars
Hairstyle: Your hairstyle complimented this weeks challenge nicely. 5 stars
Write Up: This weeks challenge was a product shoot and I hoped you would sell me more on the product. 4 stars
Connection: Yes, yes! Less than half (~4) images appeared to have the same mouth position which allow the majority of your images to have really good vibrancy. 4.5 stars

5. Lydia
Photos: Nice photos. We have GOT to get you away from the walls in the studio. 4 stars
Interpretation: Nice interpretation and execution this week. 4.5 stars
Hairstyle: I love your hair. But wasn’t that the same style from week 1? 4 stars
Write Up: Great write up selling the product nicely 4.5 stars
Connection: Improved with the varied use of hands, position, etc. You’re giving it to the camera, but vary the eyes and moth for growth. 4 stars

6. Angela
Photos: I can see your growth as a model. I love the creativity in bring in a mirror! But in comparison, this weeks images are falling short. 3.5 stars
Interpretation: Your interpretation was good. 4 stars
Hairstyle: Love your hair, appropriate for this weeks shoot. 5 stars
Write Up: Was the last paragraph a good bye message? 3.5 stars
Connection: Yes, you’re making connection, but don’t be afraid to be bolder in doing so. 4 stars

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Feedback of Michelle George

Michele GeorgePicturesque Accessories for Every Wardrobe
I like how you share how you used CK in the shoot and how you styled your hair, complementing the styles with the purple hat. You rocked that hat and infused a bit of GN products into this challenge, smart. I also like the earthy, natural look with the necklace. It’s an awesome piece and look for you. The pop with the flower also complemented your skin tone. The photos were done nicely, for some reason they seamed a little dark, not sure why – but you left me wanting more of you and the diversity you brought to the camera. Very nice write up. I felt you were trying to give an overall picture of yourself this week and it showed. You were connecting well with the camera. Good job.

Keep a Lid on It
You took the input from last week and gave more. You connected well with the camera and me. I saw so much more than the cute girl and I’m glad. Cute is fine in one or two pictures, but for a model competition it’s always good to diversify your looks. This week, you gave mystery and diversity with your shots. I particularly like the theme you chose, very creative. The style you chose is my favorite look to the office; however the braid across the front made it pop all the more and I will be trying this look myself. Love it! I hate giving bad reviews because you all work so hard to bring your best and I realize this effort is time, energy and money. Whenever I critique, it’s bent with the purpose to bring out the best in you and you did that. You applied feedback from last week and brought it. I hope to continue to see you strive and apply each bit of feedback to make the next shoot better than the one before. Your accessories were simple and complimentary. It would have been nice to see a minimum of 3 accessories around the head region mixed into the shoot-however, the background, write up and connection supersedes that critique. Good Job.

Å la mode
Great mix of accessories and diversity of shots and poses! I felt like you took the challenge seriously and expressed yourself well. The only bit I was missing was more of a connection. I felt the same cute, light heartedness that was given in the last challenge, but less connection with the viewer. I felt like you were there to represent but aloof to the audience and the message. For example, with the turban on, you want me to want that turban, not just think “oh, that’s a cute turban on that girl.’ Cute is fine in one or two pictures, but for a model competition it’s always good to diversify the look. Connect with me, tell me with your eyes and your pose that my wardrobe is incomplete without that turban. Since the competition is getting stiffer, I challenge you to go further. You are cute! Now translate that cuteness to a message beyond you and connect further with your audience.

Be Bold, Be Fierce, Be Fabulous… Accessorize!
You took the feedback and improved! Very nice! Very nice explanation of using Going-Naturals Silky Shea Hair Butter to your hair, it makes a difference to get a clear explanation of how the use of sponsored products improves your shoot, making life easier. I agree on your take regarding the necklace being over powering. As unique as it is, it seems like a huge accessory, and you seam to be a small person in comparison. If I were looking at an advertisement, I would feel like the accessory was overpowering you and would over power me (I’m 5’2” so I’m also sensitive about large accessories on me). I like that you are unapologetic ally unique and express yourself in the shots by taking a chance. Even though the accessory as a hair piece was not working for me, I applaud your courage to push the limits and make me entertain the possibility. The Mohawk was definitely a great hair style for you, and the hat was cute with the bun look. The messy fro look could work, but I would like to see you mix up your look more and experiment with your texture and the GN products on your wet hair to see if that will bring about a different look that a sponsor could want, diversity will be key for you if you move forward, so keep getting inspiration from other naturals and show us what you’re working with!

Hats for Fro’s and Your Favorite Necklace from Work to Play
You connect with the camera very well and you bring it every time and I like that about you. There were a few shots that you did disconnect from the camera, but when you connected, you did it well and it did grab my attention. Your write up gave me a snap shot, but I felt you were trying to connect more this week and having a hard time doing so. I would like to see more diversity with you with updo’s, hair off your neck and accessories (for this challenge). It’s time to go further with your styling efforts and be deliberate with the diversity of your hair with the look and message you are conveying. All the shots say ‘fun’, ‘spunky’, happy…Because you’ve been doing so well, I’d like to see more of you connecting other emotions through your eyes and style and get edgy with us more, showing us that you can kick things up a notch and be more for the camera for any sponsor. Good job!

Accessories Give Me Life!
I really like your look and you are refreshing and have been transparent throughout this competition. I like that you are hanging in there and showing the diversity that a new natural has, holding your own and representing! We know this competition is challenging you but you are still bringing your A game and taking the input given positively and that’s as much a part of each challenge as connecting with the audience with beautiful poses and photos. You used more than enough accessories, something I feel that newer naturals with shorter hair implement the best. This is an asset for you most definitely! The mirror shots through me; however, the cuteness of the hat overshadowed that. The colors you used were refreshing and inspiring and all shots were good shots showing the texture of your hair. Keep giving us more of you, be strong in your resolve and connect more with the audience. Let us know through your eyes that you belong in this competition, because you do!

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Mireille LiongMy feedback


Wonderful, beautiful shoot! Love the versatility in your shots which is fantastic because it offers a company options. Your smile, the colors you just seem to have a lot of fun and it shows. Not only that you make us participate in your joy. My only critique would be that you have to be careful when showing accessories that you don’t add to that but focus on letting that one item attract all the attention like in Picture 8. There is no flower or rabbit to distract. You are sexy and it’s like the necklace does the work. Well done!

I like your style as usually. What is great about it, is that it is you. I absolutely love your hairdo. I wish I could see more of it though or a clear shot of your beautiful natural hairstyle and the necklace. I also like the versatility that you show. Every shoot of you is different. It shows your range. My critique for this shoot is that I feel the accessories could have been a bit more prominent but over all a good shoot. 

Lydia Young
Lydia, nice writeup. You are selling the items naturally. I like shot nr. 9. You show the hat while you are in action. Your makeup is nice and the background adds to the image. I also see that you show different styles in clothing but to be honest, I keep seeing the same Lydia, the same smile, the same expression. I don’t see a lot of versatility of you as a model. I know it’s hard for you to relax but I hope it will work next time.

Angela, I am not sure if you feel the same way but I think the hat looks great on you. I would buy it instantly. Having said that I am not convinced that you are happy with your look. I thought you would have an advantage with shorter hair for a jewelry shoot but I don’t feel like you took advantage. I think you got great poses and usually you are very expressive but I get a sense that you are not confident with your hair yet.

Not sure if you saw Charlize Theron at the Oscars with her short do. She said cutting her hair was liberating and she looked as great as usual carrying her own in the midst of an event where long strands are the main beauty norm. That is how I want you to feel, that is what I want you to express and show in your photos. I know you are trying but unfortunately it’s not there yet.

Jayme, indeed fierce and fabulous! I love how you’ve used the necklace. Creative and beautiful. And not just that, you’re expressive. You show different looks. You are my winner this week. I have a hard time choosing your best photo as they are all different an beautiful. I love the images where you have the necklace in your hair. The way the light hits your face is just gorgeous but I also love shot nr. 7 where your hair is wild and you look straight into the camera with your signature look. Really well done. I look forward for more. 

Farah, you are clearly improving. Your hair look beautiful! Well moisturized and nicely defined. Is that a Kumba out? I like your poses. You are getting a little looser which is good of course. Your best photo for me is nr. 7. I also like the one where your hands are in a heart shape. Still I think you need to learn to relax a little more in front of the camera. It is difficult right because the more we say it the harder you try the more difficult it is. But try different expressions in the mirror. See if you can relax your jaw line and mouth just a little. You are doing good but the rest of the models are doing better. So you really need to step up. 

So who goes at the end of this challenge? No one. Jamaica Mango & Lime has shipped their products to all of you so you are all safe this week but not next week. Turkesha will be the guest judge then and will pick the winner. So do me proud and bring your AAA game!



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