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How To Select a Natural Hairstylist?

Ask your friends and acquaintances for recommendations. There must be people around you who you appreciate for their natural hairstyles. You keep bumping into people in the streets who you think have splendid natural tresses. Stop and ask them about their stylist. They’ll be flattered.

Look for a salon that advertises as catering to naturals. If they pride themselves on catering to natural hair, there are chances they’ll do it wholeheartedly.

Take a consultation appointment and plan ahead. Since good stylists may book many weeks in advance, plan ahead. Take an initial appointment for consultation only or a simple hair wash and condition, as it doesn’t involved any risk to the health of your hair.  

Make note of the salon’s cleanliness and orderliness. It reflects their work philosophy and practices.   

Note what kind of questions the stylist asks you during consultation. See if he or she asks appropriate questions about your hair history, your current hair care regimen, the type of natural hairstyles you like etc.

Ask questions of your own. Feel free to shoot questions to gauge his/her knowledge, experience and interest. For example, tell them you want to make your hair grow, style it, loc it etc – how can they help you with that? Ask them about the products they use, cost of various services you are interested in, maintenance regimen they suggest, hair health improving or maintaining advice they have to give etc. You may even ask them about their experience with your specific natural hair type.

Evaluate the stylist’s own hair. This is an insider tip. If your stylist has healthy, luscious, natural hair, it tells you they may be trusted to give you healthy hair too.

Observe how they handle your hair. If you have a wash and condition appointment, you will be better able to gauge this. Note if the stylist handles your hair roughly or with care and respect. Only go for them if they seem to show the due care for your hair.

Speak your mind and see how they handle your concerns. If there is something you did not like about the way they handled your hair or you disagree on some point, don’t hesitate to speak your mind. After all, you’re paying for the service and need to be satisfied. Also note if they handle your queries in a masterly fashion and with patience.

Never select a hairstylist or a salon you are not comfortable with due to any reason. This will save you from bad hair and potential disappointment later!

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Going Natural Hair Care package

Going Natural Hair Care for Black Women, African American Men and Children 



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