Holiday Curls


Ododo OriginalsFor the next challenge you are going to create curls with the twist n curl potion and use the flower from Ododo Originals that you’ve received. Ododo Originals is a one woman business who sells her flowers via Your best picture will be linked to her shop to sell her flowers.


Crinkles and curls guide
There are several ways to add curls into African hair but many people don’t know really how so it’s your assignment is to make a How-to-guide. Take pictures of the result and spice it up with your beautiful Ododo Originals Flower!

 For every one:
•    For your how to write-up: You can have 5 photos in your how-to-guide to illustrate step by step how you created the style.
•    For your Album: You need to take 10 pictures in total; 3 with the flower, 7 with your curls. You are free to change up your style (create an updo for instance) to best show the flower.  
•    Email all your original photos to me before you upload them.

For the loced ones
Toshia, Safeeya and Christina, you can choose if you want to create your crinkles by twisting your locs, braiding them or by making bantu knots then take them out. Please email me your choice so you don’t make the same how-to-guide. If you have another special way, feel free to email me about it.
Please try the Twist N Curl potion and see if it works for you. It’s a water based product that keeps your hair soft.

Teesha, Janeria, Karla
Teesha: I like you to do a guide for Easy Curls with the Afro Curling Crème. (see attachment)
Karla:  I like you to do a guide for Coils. See instructions attached.
Janeria: I like you to do a guide for Twist Out. See instructions attached.

Ododo Originals

I created Ododo Originals because I’m a hair accessories junkie, but I could rarely find good quality, truly unique pieces to purchase in stores. So I decided to make them myself. I started off a few years ago, altering silk flowers into hair pieces, but I realized that that wasn’t quite what I’d been looking for. I came across the art of flower beading which intrigued me because with all the shades of beads out there, the possibilities were endless. After several months experimenting with wires and beads sizes and various tools, I ended up with the flowers I sell. They start off as piles of loose beads and spools of wire. I’ve developed several patterns of my own and I braid the wire and beads into a flower shape. “Ododo” means flower in my native tongue.



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