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Talking prints bag

While on tour promoting, looking for exclusive gifts to start crowdfunding, I met Zoë Mezas and Pékula Starke. Two amazing inspiring entrepreneurial women who are the brains behind the most colorful trendy bags that don’t just turn heads, they also changed lives. 

 Talking Print Bag

The founders, both afflicted with a healthy fashionable obsession for African print, cool products and the drive to help others, moved to Suriname to start the project Uke which means: “We want work.”

In the village of the county of Brokopondo they partnered up with seven maroon women who they coached, trained and learned how to sew. Now the social entrepreneurs buy high quality African printed fabric then take it to the village where these trained women sew the one of a kind eye-catchig bags by hand and get paid.

Their brand named Talking Prints doesn’t only speak volumes, it pays it forward. Talking prints produces head-turining bags with a social impact. Their bags provide maroon women in Suriname the opportunity to paid work. 

Be the change that you want to see in the world’ is an inspirational quote the founders of Talking Prints live up to. They started the project as a experiment to show how happy one can be by helping someone else. Doing small things with a major impact is the answer for a better world.

These kind of encounters inspired me to expand to Diaspora Treasures, allowing women from all over the Diaspora to offer their unique goods, not just hair products, on the growing social cyber market, because I know you want this bag!

I’ve been rocking my Talking Prints bag for months now. It’s my favorite one and I get compliments all the time. So as a promotion for Diaspora Treasures and to make you happy, Talking Prints is offering one free bag for one of our members. All you have to do if you want the bag is to visit Diaspora and tell us in the comment section why you support the Diaspora Treasures marketplace. 

Don’t forget to like and share this post with everyone you know. Zoë, Pékula and I are looking forward to your comments. And just so you know a new bag will be sent to you straight from the source, from Suriname, so you’ll receive a one of a kind bag handmade by a maroon woman from Brokopondo!

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