Fab fro hairdo

Natural hairstyle- the Fabulous Fro
Natural hairstyle- the Fabulous Fro
Natural hairstyle- the Fabulous Fro

Get this fab fro for your holiday dinners. Tiny twists blend with big, fascinating texture and hints of bold color for a hair style perfect for sit-down affairs, get-up-and-go gatherings and holiday snap shots. You’ll want to get more than one shot of this hairdo!


Start out with micro single strand twists. But to make sure your hair stays soft and moisturized, be sure to apply a small amount of Silky Shea Hair Butter all over on hair freshly washed with Herbal Shampoo. Both the Almond and Peppermint scents are gentle on delicate natural hair. Once you have zig-zaggy, teeny tiny single strand twists, you can work on the gorgeous texture in your fro.

Your afro could simply be allowed to dry while the Silky Shea Hair Butter nourishes your strands. But if you want to encourage the afro to point downward rather than upward, you can install large plaits in wet hair. Chubby cornrows also could create this magnificent texture. Unravel when dry. Finger fluff. And voila! You’ve got the fab fro.

Missing something? Perhaps you’d like to spread some holiday cheer around your tresses by tinting a few random areas a golden red. Any color that matches your skin tone or personality will give this hair style a fantastic finishing touch.

Keep this hair style fresh by re-braiding the hair and covering it with a satin scarf at night time. The scarf will also keep those small twists from frizzing after just one night’s rest.

Long, medium and the shortest of short natural hair can don this do. Be beautiful this holiday season with this hair style.
Here’s a review:

• Build character by creatively parting your twists.
• Showcase a stunning afro by way of braids.
• Highlight a few random strands with golden tones.
• The fab fro is yours.

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