Ebony Tynes; Dancer, Cosmetologist, Loctitian, about the Hair Show celebrating the 15th anniversary of Locks of Nu


Ebony Tynes,  owner and founder of Locks of Nu Natural Hair and Spa, is absolutely not your average woman. Even if you have a bit of an idea of what it takes to run, manage and own a natural hair salon, it would still just only be a fraction of what this smart, talented, multi-tasking soon to-be psychologist is capable of.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Ebony went to Philip Schuyler for the Gifted and Talented Middle School and then to Talent Unlimited High School. From there, the artist, Dancer/Performer went on to the Hair Design Institute to become a licensed Cosmetologist. Yet, the lady who started her own locs when she was in her teens, still wasn’t done yet.

Ebony’s experience as a loctitian, a dance movement therapist and world traveler led her to the College of New Rochelle to get her undergraduate degree in Psychology and currently she is at Lesley University to get her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling with the specialization in dance movement therapy.

Locks of Nu Natural Hair and Spa

While pursuing her careers Miss Tynes also figured out a way to combine both of her worlds, her academic accomplishments and her performance life. She brought them together in her salon, Locks of Nu Natural Hair and Spa.

The salon that opened its doors in Brooklyn in June 2003, celebrates the 15th anniversary this month with a super promising hair show entitled Be Bold Make a Statement

What makes Locks of Nu so special is not just the fact that it has been in business for over 15 years. It is the energy that Ebony and her staff cultivate that sets this natural hair salon apart. Loctitians and Hairstylists who are individuals in their own right are ready to exceed expectations of any client who walks in. Their artistic sensibility translates into their hair care services not to mention their fantastic hairstyles which is why clients keep coming back to this family-friendly environment.

Ebony Tynes; Dancer, Cosmetologist, Loctitian, Salon Owner
Ebony Tynes; Dancer, Cosmetologist, Loctitian, Salon Owner at Locks of Nu Natural Hair and Spa

Kinks and Identity, The psychology of African American hair

Ebony’s work as a therapist abroad, in countries like Haiti, Dominic Republic, Cuba, Ghana and most recently Nicaragua gave her a unique insight on the issues that Black women globally have to deal with on a daily basis.

From the issues abroad to women crying in her salon chair in Brooklyn, Ebony took a closer look at systems of oppression and learned how they relate to mental health, hair and identity.

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She says ‘Hair has always been a part of the Black identity and we’ve been oppressed in many ways’, says the salon owner. We could not wear our hair as it came out of our scalp naturally and there were policies created in corporate America and other parts of society that limited how we could just be ourselves. It has caused what I call hair trauma and that was something I really wanted to look at as a therapist, as a business owner and a hair stylist.

So in her upcoming book Kinks and Identity, The psychology of African American hair, Ebony will dive deep into the issues that stem from hair trauma. What it is about our hair and why we have this really strong emotional connection to it? Whether it is to cut it or grow it, wear it natural, relaxed or have it permed.

Celebrating the  15th Anniversary

While Ebony is working on her book, she and her staff are preparing to celebrate their 15 years in business on august 18 at their new location 2000 Fulton Street in Brooklyn.

On the program of this free event are a Cocktail reception , dance, music, and spoken word performances as well as a hair show. Local council member Robert Cornegy will be one of the models participating in the hair show.

To see the full program and rsvp go to https://going-natural.com/events/


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