Definition at Its Best – Curls and Patterns

Lydia Curly Twist-Out Hair
Lydia Curly Twist-Out Hair
Lydia Curly Twist-Out Hair

For this shoot, I knew (and still know) that I have A LOT of work to do to prove to the judges that I should still be in the competition.  Our job this week was to try out, the curl keeper and show off our curls!  Definition at it’s’ best!  🙂 We also were to rock a head wrap, and a colorful ponytail holder.  To me, I wanted to create a shoot that showed off a variety of patterns, whether on the head-wrap, ponytail holder, or in my clothes.  I like the play on words…


So, once I found out that I skated through challenge 5 (let’s just be real), I washed my hair and immediately wanted to try the curl keeper.  I decided to do a twist out and see how defined I could get my curls.  To be honest, I always get scared because I like big hair with definition…but without the frizz.  I’ve never found a product that doesn’t weigh down my hair, but keep the curls defined.  I tell you what; the curl keeper is that product!  On Wednesday, I washed and conditioned my hair, I used the Silky Shea Hair Butter to help moisturize my entire head, and then I applied a nickel sized gob of Curl Keeper to each small section (with some light oil) and twisted my hair in to small twists.  I slept with the twists in a bun on top of my head, and then Thursday morning made sure each of the twists was dry and untwisted my hair.  To my surprise not only were the curls elongated, they were not sticky or crusty…they allowed movement and allowed me to expand my twists to get more volume…without the frizz!!  The product softened the hair and moisturized each strand.  I was happily surprised.  I hope you can see some movement and definition.  I then had to do my shoot after work on Thursday, so these curls bounced throughout the day and stayed bouncy! 

For these shots, we went out to the river, to a random cool mural in town, and then to a random hotel.  We were trying to find spaces without snow in the background!  Because there was snow everywhere, it limited the poses and shot opportunities, but since the focus is my curls, we did head-shots, and tried to get the river in the background.  

CURLS, CURLS, and Mo’ Curls

At the river, the focus was on the curls.  We tried to get the sky and the river in the background for some depth.  We didn’t want to get any of the snow or the barren trees.  Luckily, the sun came out for a few minutes.  What a blessing!  The wind was slightly blowing so there’s a few shots where you can see some movement in the hair. 

For some reason, thinking about bouncy curls makes me think of free and flowing waters…so the river was the perfect place.  I hope you enjoy.  

The patterns found in these shots are in my sundress, leggings, and the curls are on my head! 


I’ve always loved head-wraps.  I think they are beautiful.  I see them as an extension of hair.  Since this challenge was about curls, I wanted to make sure you could still see some of my hair in a few of the wraps.  For the first and second shots, I folded the wrap in half.  I put the wrap on my head and then pulled the remaining fabric in the back in to two different sides.  I then twisted each side so I looked like I had two long braids.  I then twisted each side up and over the front of my head and tucked the ends into the wrap on my head. 

For the third wrap, I did a more complicated wrap, more common in West Africa. I began folding the wrap in half, and twisting the extra material, yet twisting and tucking the extra fabric on the top of my head.  I felt like fierce.  There is something powerful about such beautiful fabric and how striking a wrap looks.  

Not only are wraps just striking and lovely, they are awesome when there is no time to put together a protective style, and you need/want to do something that protects yet looks great.  I wear wraps randomly and enjoy and respect the automatic accessory that they become. 

For the last two shots, I did a partial wrap, allowing the top of my hair to show.  I pinned my hair up.  I folded the wrap in half and then placed the wrap on my head with starting from the back.  I then crossed the material in front of my head and tucked it in the back.   

In doing this challenge, I learned a bit about head wraps.  One, I learned that in a lot of Caribbean countries call head wraps head ties, and they signify availability – like if you are in a relationship!  

I love how head-wraps are worn all over the world.  

The patterns in these shots are found in the wrap and the curls that are peeking out!

Ponytail Holder

The holder I used is a colorful material of maroons and gold’s.  In this shoot, I tried to be a little creative, by wrapping it around my hair as a holder, but also allowing it to hang down as an accessory to my simple white shirt.  I consider myself quirky and different and I take chances with fashion and prints.  Here you’ll see an example.  Check out the prints on the shoes, and the prints on the ponytail holder.  You’ll also find me in front of a cool mural.  I just love the colors behind me. 

You’ll also see a few shots of my Ponytail Holder completely wrapped and surrounded by curls.  I tried to do a look that would be possible and appealing to a girl looking for a casual yet quirky, and always curly look.  I love the blue background, and the bricks were a cool contrast from my plain white tank.

Again, here you’ll see patterns in my ponytail holder as well as my kicks.  And again, you’ll notice curls trying to escape.  Thanks curl keeper!

To the judges, thank you for your advice.  I hope you enjoy these curls and patterns. 

Thanks for giving me this opportunity for one more week.  I enjoyed myself.

Lastly, thanks to Omni Photo.  🙂 And, I did my make-up this week. 


To give you voters a chance to create your own perfect curl definition, the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk or the Curl Keeper are on sale and so is the Ponytail Holder. So check the Napshop now!


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