Challenge 7

Hi ladies, it’s nice to “meet” you. I am so excited to be a judge for this contest. I really enjoyed reading your articles and looking at your galleries. Best of luck to all of you. 

 Karla:  The Ngozi Amber and Carnelian Necklace you picked is absolutely stunning and it’s obvious why you were attracted to it. I was impressed with the research you did about the stones and thought it was great that you were able to define the connection you had to the piece. I also think you picked the perfect location—your description of the Gardens and your beautiful photos make me want to plan a trip to see it in person. Your layered tank tops were a good idea and I particularly liked how the yellow one peeked out and picked up the warm tones of the Amber stones. As for your hair (the most important part!) I agree that a low maintenance hair style was the way to go. It definitely complemented the necklace instead of taking away from it like an intricate look would have. Overall, you did a wonderful job! You get my vote for the best essay. 

Toshia: The blue necklace you are wearing in the photos is really gorgeous, I just wish you had included a bit more information about why you chose that particular piece. I like that you kept your wardrobe and makeup in the same color family as the stones in the necklace—it definitely made it pop. Despite the fact that you’re wearing a statement piece of jewelry and colorful makeup, your hair still managed to grab most of the attention. I love the styles you’re working in the photos (which are great by the way). Way to go!

Teesha:  Wow! Your photos are so amazing, especially number three—gorgeous! Your essay on asymmetry was very interesting and I like that you chose a piece that wasn’t “perfect.” The location was the perfect complement to the natural elements in the necklace and by wearing a simple black top you created an ideal backdrop to show off both the piece and your hair style. I’m assuming that your style was a nod to the “asymmetry” theme which was a clever way to be consistent throughout. Phenomenal work! You get my vote for the best photos. 

Christina-Dzenyuy: A luxe fur, a gorgeous necklace, and amazing hair—what more could a woman ask for? I loved your glam, winter-themed photos, you look absolutely radiant in all of them. I thought you did a great job with your article. Thank you for providing us with some insight into why you picked the agate and jade necklace. The stones really popped in the outdoor setting. Your hair looks elegant and I love that you switched up the style a bit in each photo. Nice work! 

Safeeyah: Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find your article on the 7th Challenge, but I did look at all of your photos and they were really fun (I especially liked image #4). Purple is one of my favorite colors, so of course I loved the necklace you choose. The overall feeling I got from your whole look (necklace, makeup, outfit, poses, and hair) was flirty and playful. I’m sorry I couldn’t read your essay, but I will check back later to see if it’s available and update my post accordingly. 

Thank you again for this opportunity.

Andrea Lavinthal  










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