Carlie – Slicked back into a flower

Carlie for Going Natural

This was a difficult challenge for me because I live in Oklahoma where it is currently 40 degrees so it was hard to imagine beach waves and colorful flowers. Sorry, no beach waves, or colorful flowers for me.  So I had to think of a way to demonstrate waves and flowers in my hair.  The style I came up with is a slicked back bun, where the bun is shaped into a flower.  The beach waves would be the waves that kinky hair makes when slicked back, and the flower would be the multi-layered bun.

How to achieve this style:

  1.  Shampoo and condition hair with going-natural’s herbal almond shampoo and No More Knots
  2. Pull hair back into a side bun with a ponytail holder
  3. Take medium sized sections of the ‘tail’, fold it over, and tuck under the holder as flower petals.
  4. Take the last section of hair and do straw coils on it to resemble the stamens of a flower

Unfortunately, because of the darkness of my hair, the flower does not show in the pictures.  But I assure you it makes a lovely style.

Carlie for Going Natural

Bringing the flavor of tropical islands to natural hair.

Carlie for Going Natural

To keep your waves from getting fluffy, use a scarf to hold them down for a few minutes.
Carlie for Going Natural
I wish Oklahoma had blue skies, ocean, and coconut trees…
Carlie for Going Natural
Picking fruit from the Natural Hair Products tree 🙂
Carlie for Going Natural
The tropics are known for vibrant color.





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