Yardley’s Vote for Challenge #6

Yardley’s Vote for Challenge #6

Yardley MesserouxIt is so true, many brides opt for a straight look, and it’s for various reasons. It could be because of pressure from mom, the husband may prefer it, or even, the bride may not know that there are tons of beautiful natural styles for their big day. I love how this challenge demonstrates styles that are just as elegant as the ones we’re used to seeing down the aisle year after year. Kudos to all of the contestants!


Yardley MesserouxMy vote? Chassity! You look breathtaking dear, and I love your line: “When a woman meets her mate, if she loves, owns, and knows herself, it will be easy for her to recognize that same appreciation of her best attributes in her suitor.” Agreed!

And may God continue to bless your marriage!

Elimination: Jalitia. Lovely, but I can’t see your pretty hair.

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