Vees Experience!

Vees Experience!

Oh let’s see… Try ALL the products in the Eden Body Works’ Peppermint Tea tree hair pack and then choose my favorite. Would that even be possible? Decisions, decisions.

Well, the morning of the photo shoot, I used all three products: the shampoo, the conditioning rinse, and the leave-in hair milk conditioner. I’d been using the hair milk since the package first arrived, but still had to try out the other products.

The shampoo had a rich lather and left my hair feeling clean without feeling stripped. The conditioning rinse, I actually left in for 3 minutes, as instructed in the directions. I wasn’t expecting the pleasant surprise. It truly was an experience. The scent was clean and minty. The sensation was cool and tingly. Can you say Peppermint Patty aromatherapy for the hair and for the soul? I felt like doing one of those cheesy commercials or something. And as I rinsed the conditioner from my hair, the inadvertent tingle down the back of my neck and shoulders was an extra welcomed indulgence! I was thinking, “Okay, where’s the body wash or in-shower body moisturizer?”

After towel blotting my hair, I applied a small amount of the leave-in hair milk and brushed as usual. My hair dried to a beautiful shine with a soft feel. Hours later, my hair was still soft. Now the hair milk does not have the same intensity of tingle as the conditioning rinse, but I chose it as my favorite, because it can be used every day to condition and de•tangle. I’ve been using it on my 3 yr. old son for the past 4 – 5 days. He loves the smell, and actually didn’t mind me putting it on and rubbing through his hair. Now he doesn’t mind me spraying things on him, but he hates whenever I try to rub anything on him – face or hair. I don’t know. He’s just funny like that. So right now while he’s “growing out” his Afro, I use it to de•tangle his curly cues before brushing and combing. It makes our daily hair-time rituals a whole lot easier and a lot more fun.

And the most important thing is that neither one of us had any reactions after using this product. My son and I both have sensitive skin, but he’s a whole lot more sensitive than I am. I am so pleased that I will definitely be buying more and exploring other Eden Body Works products.

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