The week of Challenge 3

The week of Challenge 3

What a week! Things are getting better. I car was dead since last Saturday but my boyfriend fixed it on Friday! (Yay!) I didn’t even have the time to get to it. I live in PA but am staying in D.C. for along-term gig. I haven’t been  home since October!

 Challenge 2 with Sula NYC’s at home spa treatment was very hard! But fun to put together. I was cool trying to come up with a concept and thinking of how your going to execute it. I like how my step-by-step pictures for my review turned out.

This time around with Challenge 3 Jamacian Mango and Lime (which foodwise I love together- I wanted to use them for props but had no time to go to the store) products.  I tried to show some different looks  and hairstyles. I also worked a lot more on color adjustment and lighting.  I went to the store on Friday and did see the Jamaican Mango and Lime Wax at the supermarket.  I told my dude “Look this is the company whose products I am modeling in Challenge 3!” That was cool. Most of the day during the week I work, get back and am so tired. So I did alittle on Thursday and then did the rest all day on Saturday! I’m glad I did some photos during the week ! I did everything myself. Hopefully everyone enjoys the new shots.




photo by: James Mosley

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