Teesha Borum, Winner of ANNM

Teesha Borum, Winner of ANNM

Teesha Borum, an aspiring actress/ model from Atlanta, won the ‘America’s Next Natural Model’ pageant, the ground breaking annual online competition organized by Going-Natural.com.

Teesha Borum
– Photo by Freddie Rankin

Teesha Borum, an aspiring actress/ model from Atlanta, won the ‘America’s Next Natural Model’ pageant, an online competition organized by Going-Natural.com.

The pageant queen, twenty nine year old San Diego brought up model Teesha, lives by the policy of “Do what you love and love what you do. If you don’t know what that is, love the journey in finding out” and has done exactly that in her strive towards going natural.

“I have been natural for 5 years now. I absolutely love it and am proud to wear my crown,” she says.

The annual ‘America’s Next Natural Model’ pageant celebrates the beauty of natural African hair. It shows the world that the preconceived notion of beauty is restrictive and incomplete. It stands up for African women, urging them to shed their inhibitions and go natural.

“We live in a world where many black women wear their hair in styles that imitate European standards of beauty. Although I think that every black woman is beautiful no matter how they wear their hair- it takes a certain confidence and love for ones self to go natural,” said Teesha on her profile on going-natural.com

“The beauty and grace that we as black women possess in our hair alone is amazing. Its course, its thick, its tightly curled, it can take the heat, stand straight up and touch God all at once. How amazingly beautiful, strong and passionate we are! I want all women to see the magnificence in natural hair!” she adds.

Going-Natural.com is a website that strives to develop confidence in African women. It encourages them to be themselves and stay beautiful at the same time. 

For bookings visit www.teeshaborum.com.

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