“Liming” with Jamaican Mango and Lime!

“Liming” with Jamaican Mango and Lime!

Liming with Jamaican Mango and LimeJamaican Mango and Lime was the first natural hair product line I used when I made the big chop six years ago. Their entire product line can be found at most beauty supply outlets, including your local Sally Beauty Supply store. I was so delighted to be given the opportunity to review the newest additions to their line. I decided to try “Cactus Gro” to sooth my itchy scalp and twist things up with the “Locking Firm Wax”.

Liming with Jamaican Mango and Lime

 I sampled Jamaican Mango and Lime Cactus Gro first.  This product caught my attention because I wondered, “What does a cactus plant have to do with growing your hair?”  My internet search revealed the oil from the cactus plant helps your locs retain moisture and stops breakage.  Come to think of it, this makes perfect sense because this desert plant is able to thrive and grow in the driest conditions.  So imagine what it can do for your thirsty parched hair?  

 I washed my hair first before using “Cactus Gro”.  Then I applied the product to my scalp and gave myself a much needed scalp massage. You can not help but notice how “Cactus Gro” smells like a delicious tropical fruit bowl and its very light to the touch. After my massage, I wrapped a warm towel around my head. My towel was warmed beforehand in the dryer for about 5 minutes to activate the product and achieve the best results.  I immediately began to feel the heat from the Cactus Gro tingling on my scalp. It felt great, very soothing. After three minutes elapsed, I removed the towel. My scalp felt clean and it no longer itched or flaked. 

 “Cactus Gro” is a definite hair “must have” especially for the cold Fall/Winter months.  This time of the year, the weather can be so drying on your hair causing it to become brittle and dry.  I would speak highly of “Cactus Gro” for anyone suffering from eczema, dandruff, or dry itchy scalp.

Now that my scalp is conditioned, it is time to style my hair. I usually do not leave my hair in twisted because I was unable to find a product that would keep my twists moist and in place. I choose the “Locking Firm Wax” product to see how well my twists would hold.   

As I opened the jar of “Locking Firm Wax” I immediately noticed it also has sweet citrus scent. The texture of this product is very light and non greasy just like the “Cactus Gro”. This was very surprising to me because petrolatum is one of its main ingredients.  

Applying the “Locking Firm Wax” was very easy. I used finger tip amount of the wax for each strand of hair I wished to twist.  With product in my hair, I was able to comb through my hair with ease.  My fingers did not feel sticky or tacky during the process. As I twisted each strand, my hair felt pliable and soft. I observed my cuticle shaft becoming smoother from root to tip. There was also no lacquer like greasy shine. Nor did I have any tangles at the ends of my hair. This was very impressive because I have had problems with the ends of my hair constantly tangling from twisted styles. 

The results with “Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Firm Wax” came out beautifully. Each of my twisted strands stayed in place and was so soft to the touch.  My hair stayed moisturized and supple days after using the wax. I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair.  I would recommend the “Locking Firm Wax” for anyone with starter locs or those wanting a firmer hold for their twists.   

Jamaican Mango and Lime has done it again! The newest additions to their product line do not fall short from their original products. They continue provide healthy natural ingredients in all their products to nurture and heal your dry scalp and hair. For more information on the Jamaican Mango and Lime product line visit their website at http://www.rastagroup.com/html/jamaican_mango___lime_products.htm   


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