Sasha-Shae on Week 1

Sasha-Shae on Week 1

SashaOverall I chose the photos of Ebony C to be the best because they were well done and truly exhibits what a natural model is all about, light, free, nature-in tuned, and just exuberant. Miss. Nina also had a good deal that showcased this. I think everyone did an overall good job for the first weeks challenge and I look forward to seeing what comes in the weeks ahead.

Now everyone, go ahead and get them fierce photos coming!!


Judgement: you are an inspiration to so many in the natural hair community. I love that you are fun and outgoing and always seeking the best in situations. I think your time in this challenge will really help you further step out as a natural hair guru.


Constructive Criticism: I only wished the photos weren’t taken in house lighting. Lol..we all know house lighting does nothing for anyone. My suggestion, you’re in Florida, and there are tons of locations at your disposal, so make good use of them. The pics don’t have to be “professionally taken” but locations plays some importance.


Raven H.

Judgement: You’re photoshoot screams fun! You seem like a very fun girl and I love that you are rocking the TWA!! A little edge here and there and great answers as well.

Constructive Cristism: I just wished some of the lighting/location was different, besides that, off to a great start, a lot of emotional qualities and a good deal of edge!


Stephanie SV

Judgement: Stephanie you have this potential to be a great model, I really loved the abstract photo of the back. I love your background story and the confidence you carry about yourself.

Constructive Cristism: I like the photos, my only suggestions is that you take more that showcases your hair as well as different aspects of who you are as well.


Munya M.

Judgement: Munya had really simply-beautiful photos and I love the yellow against her skin tone. Her dreams and goals were very relatable I’d say to most people.

Constructive Cristism: Your photos were good, find a way to kick it up a notch. Maybe something daring, intriguing, what have you.


Natasha B.

Judgement: Natasha a big shout out to you.. Graphic Designers unite!! Whooo, lol.. but back to the task on hand. I like all your goals and aspirations and I truly think you can succeed at whatever you put your mind to. I did like the photos, but have a few suggestions:

Constructive Cristism: I suggest a change of location. While the pics do not have to be professionally taken, you want to showcase your hair and modeling skills, and often times location and lighting plays a BIG part. As well try to get more photos that really accentuate who you are and as well the reasons why you are the IT girl for any modeling career.


Timonlin J.

Judgement: Multi-lingual you say? Go ahead girl! I enjoyed reading what you had to say, as well your photos were nice.

Constructive Cristism: I’d love to see different lighting/scenery in your photos. Somehow I feel like you are one fierce cookie, so Ebony Clark for America's Next Natural Modelbump it up.


Laura C. on Week 1

Judgement: I really enjoyed reading Laura’s replies, and that dream gig is actually pretty awesome. I just wished I saw more of her face in the photos.

Constructive Cristism: Try taking more photos that really showcase your face. I love the hair, but every company will want to see what face will advertise their products, as well don’t be afraid to change it up.


Nina H. on Week 1

Judgement: Nina’s photos were well modeled. I think that her photos and her answers go hand in hand. She’s a beautiful example of what confidence can produce. I absolutely LOVED her last photo, it was a close runner up for me in choosing the best photo of the week.
Overall I would have to say that Nina’s photo shoot was very good, and I also like the professionalism of it.

Constructive Cristism: Continue the great work with the photos and being an inspiration.


Ebony C.

Judgement: Ebony’s photos were refreshing to look at. I love how light and free-spirited they came across. I truly loved photo 1, it was like a refreshing magazine cover, and highlighted her natural hair perfectly.
Overall her answers to each challenge question and her photos made for an overall great finish.

Constructive Cristism: The fierce photo was great, but I feel like you have the potential to be even more fierce! Own it!!

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