Natural Review

Natural Review

Ebony- My favorite was the photo with the rose. It was simple and beautiful. It really showcased your hair and your beauty. I would like to see more variety in facial expressions.

Munya- I enjoyed the hairdo. You look beautiful in your photos, but I did find them to be very similiar to each other.

Natasha- I thought your hairstyle was creative and beautiful. The close-up shot of your face was striking. I’d suggest trying out more poses.

Laura C.- Beautiful close-ups. I also love the creativity of the hairstyle. You gave a few different looks. Again, I’d suggest being a little bolder with poses.

Raven- Your photos were daring, stunning, and varied. I appreciate how you transform from one photo to the next. You let out your inner model. I also loved your hair in these shots.

Timolin- Great photos! You showed your soft side and your vixen side. I love the big curly look.

Denitrika- I love the hairstyle. The last photo with the flower is my favorite. I also like the pose in the dress, but I would have liked to see you connect with the camera more.

Nina- I love the style in your photos. You mixed it up and your photos are awesome.

My favorite of the week was Raven.

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