LeAnne on Challenge 3

This was the hardest challenge to date. All the ladies brought their A game and definitely stepped it up for this challenge.  All of the pictures showed creativity, individuality, and LOVELY natural textures! One thing that I would have liked from all of the ladies is a picture that showed them creating the style! Thinking in terms of a magazine article and how-to instructions, we need those in between shots to give us a gauge that we are doing it right!  I was also missing pictures of the back of the hair. That lets me know what I can expect when doing it myself. Can I make it look like yours? Are the backs polished? This would help me to know if I can achieve this look on my own at home using the tutorial!

My top choice this week is Natasha: Natasha gave great instructions, and showed how you can be creative with short hair.  She thought about the finished look with accessories and makeup that was FLAWLESS.

My last choice this week was very hard to make, but I chose Carlie. I could not see the creativity of her flower from the pictures that she provided. Her instructions could have been better and really would have needed some instructional photos of the process and the final look. Because her hairstyle was a flower bun, I really needed to see the bun in all its glory.

Desray – beautiful pictures. Hair looks very soft and healthy. A nice, polished look. Instructions could have been a little more detailed.

Carlie – hair is slicked back into a bun, but there are no pictures of the actual flower bun!  NO pictures of the bun. Creative use of backgrounds to give her Tahiti feel!

Jalita – nice look. Able to see the twists. Would have liked more close ups of the textured Mohawk. Didn’t quite understand her instructions.  What product was used to hold the twists? How long will the style hold?

Kala – One of my top picks. I loved the pictures. Love the texture and the style appears easy and polished.

Chassity – One of my top picks! I LOVED the texture in her hair and her instructions.. Her style was creative and gives the user two styles in one. The user can wear the bantu knots for a week and then have a new style with the twist out.  Loved the flower accessory and the choice of location for her shoot.

Reshonda – One of my top picks! love the style, the picture, the instructions as well.  Love the accessories and the texture. The location!  Reshonda brought her A game!

Natasha – My top choice this week!Best instructions. Most creative makeup to accompany the hair. Loved the accessories and the layout of her photos.

Justyce – liked the hair. It was freestyle and a little wild. Made me think of being on the beach and wind swept hair.  Love the use of accessories and creativity to create her personal Tahiti in cold weather! I give her much respect for doing it all with one hand!

Nefertiti – Nice professional looking style. Loved the ease of creating it and giving an old favorite a new and exciting natural twist! Loved making your hair an accessory. That was HOT!

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