Latrenia Bryant on Challenge 2

Latrenia Bryant on Challenge 2

Latrenia BryantFirst let me say, I’m always speaking from a photographic point of view. Is it believable? Does it look good? Does it make me want it? Can I see it in your eyes? Are you selling it? Are you modeling or just standing by looking cute? are just a few things I’m asking myself when I look at photographs.

 Secondly, I love head wraps! but they can quickly be a turn off IF worn in an unflattering way.  

  • Kala G- Love the profile photos. Photos 1,2 and 5 are the ones I like the most. Would I want to try a head wrap after looking at your photos? YES. Good job!!
  • CarlieM- You sold me on every photo!! Gorgeous smile. Photo 3 made me smile because It shows creativity and I love that. The last picture you rocked the art of SMIZING (smiling with your eyes)  Beautiful JOB!
  • Juleedu- The first photo was a total miss. The second was nice but I was underwhelmed with the remaining photos. I wasn’t moved to run out and try this style. The facial expressions didn’t change much and I didn’t feel like YOU were owning the look.
  • Desyray- At first glance, looking at photos 3-5 I would immediately think “This girl has style”. It was believable, you look beautiful. In the 4th picture your hair looks neat, very beautiful. Looking at your photos, I would be intrigued to try your looks.
  • Reshonda Parker- I like the STYLE of the wrap in the first 4 photos but that’s where it ends. You have big beautiful eyes and with the first style; rocking that big hair you could have really blew it out of the box but there was no life in your eyes. I don’t think you sold the look this week. These looks would not make me want to run out and buy a head wrap.
  • Nefertiti- Again, beautiful girl, same as Reshonda, but you didn’t sell me on the idea of wearing a head wrap because you looked lost in the eyes.  You almost got there with the 3rd and 5th look  but  I’m underwhelmed this week.    
  • Chassity- YES!! You sold it. I would definitely want to try your head wrap style. Love the 1st and 2nd pictures. You look very regal, yes ma’am ..suitable for a king! Beautiful smile. Photographs well.   
  • Justyce Chavez- Photos 1,2 and 4 I like the way you wore the wrap. YOU looked comfortable in the first 2 pictures but the others you showed lack luster. You had some hits and misses. I do looove your smile in the first photo, it makes me smile. Decent job overall but you could have done better. I would not run out to get a head wrap just by looking at your pictures.
  • Natasha S. Houston-  Oh Natasha, Natasha, Natasha.. I’m underwhelmed. That one style was a pretty basic style. I wish I could have seen more variety in regards to styling the head wrap. That color didn’t pop well on camera so trying different styles may have helped that situation. You were almost there in regards to modeling in the 1st photo but the others were a total miss.
  • Jael- You said head wraps can be worn in a variety of ways  but you didn’t show that. I like the scarf tied in a bow around the neck but even with that you didn’t SELL me on doing that. A full frontal view can be boring photographically. You could have sold that one look but you missed the boat on that. Remember, You are MODELING!

This challenge my top 3 were: Kala G, CarlieM and Chassity (in no particular order)   

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