Kcurly Week 7

Kcurly Week 7

Kala- I loved how you paired your accessories with so many different outfits and also used the belt in different ways. The coordination was perfect, your makeup and hair were gorgeous, and your poses/attitude were bold! 

Chassity- You really switched it up from your usual smoldering looks to fun, flirty, and a bit carefree. I like it! It shows real versatility. And you did it without sacrificing any of the modeling prowess you’ve shown in past challenges. I was really digging the your soft, feminine fro as your choice in hairstyle with the hat. The only complaint I have is that I wish you’d had a few head shots to really bring the focus to the accessories. Beautiful job as usual!!


Desyray- You are right that you should focus on the accessories and I think you had more than enough shots that did that. But I think showing a whole picture and how those accessories jive with a hot outfit really sell those accessories as well. So, I wish you’d shown us an outfit that complimented that beautiful hat. The hat really complimented your skin tone and these were beautiful head shots. I just disagree that showing your clothing would’ve distracted from the accessories. 


Nefertiti- I’m sorry you’ve felt like an underdog in this competition. Though I’m happy that you decided to relax and I loved seeing your beautiful smile, I do wish you’d gotten a little more adventurous with your wardrobe selection instead of sticking with basic black. I probably enjoyed the pictures with the necklace a bit more than the ones with the hat. The photo quality was also not very good and looked a little fuzzy in some shots. 


ReShonda- The shots with the necklace were on point! I felt like you were  really selling it! The hat pictures were lovely but they didn’t have the same feel. For one thing, I think a different choice in outfit would’ve been better paired with the hat. It seemed to all blend together which didn’t’ really make me focus on the hat. I think something with a bit of contrast would’ve benefited the hat shots more. I do think the color compliments your skin nicely. 


My favorite was Kala, my least favorite was Nefertiti

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