Kcurly on Challenge 1

Nina was my pick for favorite, but I was really torn between Timolin, Stephanie, and Raven.

Nina Ellis-Hervey

Your emphasis on not only physical beauty but also health and the mind were very inspiring. I got a wonderful sense of professionalism tinged with a chic and sassy flair from your photos. I also thought the poses and clothing well thought out. I loved your hair and the ease with which it seemed to flow with your choice in outfits.

Laura Cottingham La Lueur Naturelle

I very much enjoyed your answers. The display of your faith and love of humanity as a whole are clear in your answers and I find it very refreshing. While viewing your pictures, I found the shots very unique. However, I kept hoping to see more of your face and hair. My favorite by far was also your favorite because it showcased your beautiful profile and I could clearly see your regal updo.

Timolin Jeffers

The shots you chose were lovely and do a good job of showcasing your lovely face and lush hair, along with those to-die-for cheekbones! I also liked how your shots ranged from professional to free/uninhibited. Your answers reflect a laid back but determined young woman. The only suggestion I have is perhaps more full body/torso shots.

Natasha Beals

I just admire your show of confidence and enthusiasm in your answers. I loved the hair and the earrings, though I think some versatility in the accessories department would have been refreshing. I also would have liked some more versatility in your poses and shots.

Munya Magande

The hairstyle you chose really made your hair stand out from the rest of the contestants. I love the sophistication of a loc’d updo. I loved the poses, eye catching outfits and accessories. Your shots exhibit “natural” in every way, shape and form. I loved your response using your father’s wisdom.

Ebony Clark

Your angle of “every woman” is great because I feel that’s what a lot of women are starting to look for in advertising.I also enjoyed the confidence you seemed to exude in your answers.  I loved the twistout and the different styles you managed to do with it. Your poses were beautiful. The choice of outfits and accessories did showcase some versatility but I’d love to see a bit more.


I enjoyed your hair in the twists and twistout, very pretty! I also liked that you showed the professional side of natural hair while still exuding femininity with your accessory and hairstyle choices.  However, I would’ve liked to have seen a few different angles of both your face and your hair.

Stephanie SV

You probably exhibited the most flexibilty in your look and style on this challenge. I loved, loved, loved the back shot because it screamed “strong, black, healthy, beautiful woman”. It’s obvious from your answer that you are well traveled and have experienced many different cultures which is a definite plus. The only suggestion I have is that you could maybe show a bit more of your hair.


You have an edgy, yet sometimes quirky feel to your shots that I just love. I loved that I could clearly see the emotion behind your shots. Your answers reveal an outgoing individual who loves life! On the hair front, it was good to see a healthy, beautiful TWA which I think are so striking when it comes to modeling.

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