Jayme about ANNM video

Jayme about ANNM video
Jayme: I Love My Fro
Jayme: I Love My Fro

My Pictures

For the last five pictures, I really wanted to represent me. After completing this competition to the end I feel on top of the world which is represented by my pictures on the rooftop.

The ones on the roof and with the pretty wallpaper were also shot by Vanessa Karel. It was amazing to shoot on top of a roof in San Francisco. It was a very liberating experience. In most of these photos I wore my hair in a combed out afro style.

The other photos were shot by Steve Babuljak. Steve is an established photographer who shoots in the Bay Area. He is an industrial and educational photographer who specializes in lifestyle pictures. Steve was such a pleasure to work with and I really hope I get a chance to do another shoot with him in the future. In these pictures, I wanted to represent my self for who I really am. A fun, loving, natural girl who loves to laugh and always has a smile on her face. I wanted to show the unstressed and free-spirited part of Jayme. In these pictures, I chose to wear my hair in day old wash-in-go. I find that after a day, my hair does not have as much shrinkage, making my curls appear fuller and longer. For the wash-in-go I used Going-Natural’s Curl Keeper Light.

I wanted to show my joy in being who I am, a natural black woman. I am not confined to societies standards of what is beautiful as exhibited in magazine’s or music videos. I am happy to be who I am and I love myself and my hair. No matter what happens in the future, I will continue to be naturally me.

Thank you!
Jennifer Siu: http://www.facebook.com/jennnifersiu?fref=ts
Steve Babuljak: http://babuljak.com/index.html

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