Hats for Fro’s and Your Favorite Necklace from Work to Play

Hats for Fro’s and Your Favorite Necklace from Work to Play
Natural Hairstyle by Lydia Young
Natural Hairstyle by Lydia Young

All I kept thinking was RELAX Lyd, RELAX.  And that made me tense up ….. SOOOOO my photographer and his wife decided to make me giggle.  Which is not difficult.  They made faces, noises, and tried to help loosen me up!  I think it worked!  I hope.  I really tried not to try. 🙂

For this shoot, I knew I was going to have to do all head-shots.  To me, trying to sell something like a hat or jewelry is all about looking comfortable, natural and making the colors work.  You want the viewer to see themselves in what you’re wearing…

The jewelry I got to wear was a gorgeous aqua almost tealish blue with glimpses of silver.  It was beautiful.  What was most challenging, was figuring out how to still make my hair a presence as this is a natural hair modeling competition, but also make the jewelry pop. My hair speaks loudly and for it self.  So I decided to wear neutral colors or nothing!  I thought the necklace looked nice on my skin so I took some bare. I like how the black and white shirt make the necklace pop. The jacket and “up-do” showed a less romantic look, more of a work giddy-up. To me it’s easy to see how this necklace can go from day to night.  I hope people can see that.  

Now, the hat was a challenge.  I was like, “How am I going to get a hat on this head?”  But it fit, and it was comfy.  I didn’t cut off my blood supply as most do. I didn’t want to hide my hair in every picture, as once again, hair is a big part of this challenge.  I want gals with natural hair to see how you can work with “BIG” and wear a hat.  It was fun.  Again, I chose natural colors, but wanted to do some outside shots.  It was 35 degrees outside, and I was hoping there’d be snow in the background, but there wasn’t.  It felt natural to rock the hat and I enjoyed challenging myself in figuring out how to wear it…it was cute and I think it’s something I’d wear anyway.  I like the ball on the top, it’s fun like me…(at least that’s what I tell myself).  

I appreciate the feed back from previous challenges.  I want my pictures to reach it’s audience and I don’t want to look stiff!  I tried to be playful and light and LOOSE.  I hope you enjoy these pics.  

Necklace Shots

Shot a: This shot is me, after work sitting at a quaint dinner, rocking a a vintage jacket and a lovely necklace by going-natural.com.  Maybe I’ll go out tonight….

Shot b: It’s Friday, and I’ve had a long week at work, so I’m going to let my hair down and rock a sleeveless top out.  (Of course these pics are head-shots) so use your imagination.  I could be wearing a sleek black dress, a sexy cocktail dress.  You name it.  This necklace can go with so many things!  You know you want it for your own personal collection!  Don’t you see the possibilities  Can’t you see how happy I am?!

Shot c: Aweee yeah, look at the pose, showing off the necklace.  She is a happy gal.  But….

Shot d: Maybe I should I change, and wear my favorite black and white top?  Hmmm, choices choices. I like both looks…Tonight, let’s stick with sleeveless.  I’m feeling fun and free!  And I can’t find any pants that I LOVE to wear with the black and white top.  

Shot e: Waiting for car service, checking out Facebook looking for places to go. 🙂

I really hope ladies, can see themselves in the necklace no matter the occasion.  Work, out, wherever.  🙂

WInter Hat Shots

Shot f: Playful shot.  I liked the colors.  I can appreciate evergreen trees in the cold and cloudy winters of Ohio.  How could someone not want this hat? 🙂

Shot g: Opps, a small wind gust.  I don’t want to loose my favorite hat!   

Shot h:  Care free shot, playful as well.  I love the lighting in the background and you can see some movement in my hair, but the hat is still secure.  That’s a good selling point!  Secure and comfy hats for gals with fros!

Shot I: Perfect weather for some delicious hot cocoa.  “Wait, blow on it, don’t burn your lips!”  I love how the hat can cover my ears.  I’m warm and cozy during this chilly day.  Almost time to go inside.

Shot j: Inside, on my favorite comfy rug with my favorite comfy hat.  You know you want it! 

Fun Shoot.  Thanks!  🙂 


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