For Sponsors

For Sponsors


Do you need social media exposure, models to review and promote your products or professional photos and videos to feature your business? Then collaborate with America’s Next Natural Model, the online pageant that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.


This annual competition that can best be described as America’s Next Top Model meets American Idol online, starts its six season in January 2015. The models can only win if they excel in promoting your products


A beauty pageant that thrives by likes, shares and comments
In the America’s Next Natural Model pageant ten chosen beauties compete by doing photo and video shoots that promote the hottest items, from beauty products to accessories, from fashion to beverages.

● 35,000+ Members ● 3,000,000 Hits per month 
● 40,000+ Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pintrest, & Instagram fans


The models can only advance and win if their videos and photo shoots are liked, shared and commented on by their fans and members, followers on facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram. We have a social media network of over 80,000. We would be happy to feature your products if you’d collaborate with us and become a sponsor.

 Click to see the commercial from Jayme Goodwin winner of ANNM season 5 for Gruvi Juices.

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