Dawn on Challenge 3

Dawn on Challenge 3

Munya Magande – First off, let me say that I love your locs! I like the fact that you included the products in your pictures. Because you have locs, your look compliments the brand and message of the company.

Ebony Clark – Two words for your photos, Beautiful and Free! Pictures #1 and #3 really go with the vibe and theme of Jamaica Mango and Lime. They have a breezy, island feel to them.  Picture #5 gives a great example of the functionality of the product. The flat-twist updo looks awesome!

Nina Ellis-Hervey – You’re so creative! Not only did you include the products in your pictures, but you had fun with them. I love the fact that you mention that the products aren’t just for women, but also for men. Great job!

Natasha Beals – I love the fruit earrings! What a creative idea. Your facial expressions drew me in.  They told me “classy, fun, and sassy”, and I associated that with the products. The last picture is my favorite. It says these products have my back…I trust them.

La Lueur Naturelle – The first 4 pictures were nice. Your look is sweet and simple. You were more daring in the last picture. It would have been nice to see you play with that sassiness more in more of the pictures.

Timolin Jeffers – You worked it! I loved your positions and how you positions the products in your shoot. The first three pictures really drew me in and felt right with the brand of the product. Great job!

Stephanie SV – Beautiful locs! You have a lot of energy and it truly shows through your pictures! They were bright and vibrant. However, the winter theme doesn’t flow well with the branding of the product.

Raven Hardy – You have a very unique look. I love it! Picture #5 really stood out to me. It’s a straight forward picture that causes you to focus in on the product, and yet, your facial expression drew me in without distracting me from the product. Good job!

denitrika – You’re very photogenic! However, I didn’t feel like you were connected with the products. I liked the wild, free, and fun theme that you tried to bring out, but I would have liked to see more creative posing with the products.

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