Anytime Anywhere

Anytime Anywhere

Every day you see people wearing hats, no matter where you go, what time of year it is, or what type of event you are at. Hats are very versatile and are a way for people to express themselves. I found my hat to be very cool and I know that I’ll be able to wear it anytime or anywhere

 I really liked the hat that I received and have always thought these styles of hats were very fashionable. I actually own a black hat that is very similar to this. I found the designs and color of this hat to be very fashion forward and a bit funky.

 Hats can be worn any time of the year; they can be used as a protective piece or a stylish fashion. I used my hat as a winter accessory for a night on the town. I wore my tan sweater dress and my hair in two low afro puffs. I really love that this hat can stretch and is one size fits all because it allows those of us with thick hair to still be able to wear it.

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