America’s Next Natural Model 09

Who is Miss Nappturality?
Miss Nappturality is a beautiful spirit who naturally inspires the world to embrace nappy hair. Confident about her looks, full of live and creative with her natural tresses, she doesn’t hesitate to share her experience and mentor women on a natural journey.

Who can join this competition?
Every woman of 16 and older with naturally nappy, coily, kinky hair can participate. You can also participate if you have locs or want to start them. If your hair is chemically relaxed and you want to join, you will have to commit to cut the relaxed part of your hair in during the competition.

What do you get?
– Free products. You will receive free accessories, hair and beauty products to use throughout the competition to complete some of your challenges. Yes, you can keep some the products the competition.
– Free personal space on that includes your own album, blog and video space.
– Exposure. If you aspire a model carrier this is your chance. By joining the competition you can use the 10 weeks of free exposure to show the world who you are and why they would miss out if they don’t contact you.
– An opportunity to start building your own social network

What does it cost to participate?
Nothing. If you are a selected candidate and you complete the ten weeks in the Miss Nappturality Competition your costs are zero $.

What are the requirements?
You need to have a digital camera to take pictures and you need to be internet savvy. In order to compete and get votes you will have to be able to update your personal space on with photo’s and details. Instructions will be provided but you need to be familiar with uploading pictures and videos and publishing text on the internet that includes pictures.

What are the terms and conditions?
If you are selected to compete for the Miss Nappturality title you have to commit to complete natural challenges for 10 weeks. You will receive one task by email each week. Completing a challenge includes updating your personal space at least once a week with text, pictures and a one time video clip.

If you like to be in the pageant, please send us an email with your name, age, location, and occupation. Also tell us why you have what it takes to become Miss NP 09 and include at least 3 pictures. We are looking forward to your message. Click here to send us an email

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