4th of July Natural hair show, photo shoot & Specials

Back to the future of our Roots Hair show

Greetings! I am happy to back! It’s not completely done yet and it will probably never be perfect but I’ve worked diligently on making the new site more user friendly, more accessible and easier to navigate. I am pretty sure I listened well but please take a look and let me know by leaving a comment. Your feedback is always welcome.

Back to the Future of Our Roots Natural Hair show

Back to the Future of our Roots

The reason the site had to go live is the upcoming Natural Hair Show Back to the Future of Our Roots. This is the 2nd time Going Natural is doing the show in line with the theme of 45th annual International African Arts Festival Sisabalandela. It means we are still following them, the ancestors.

Going Natural Hair Care Products & Photo shoot

As a warming up Going Natural Hair Care has a photo shoot one day before the show. You are invited to come by, try the products and have your picture taken. We welcome all styles and textures and look forward capturing your beauty to inspire others.

The Hair Show

I am super excited about the stylists, the models, the team and the theme.  We just had to let you know about the natural hair show and even better that the show will be broadcasted live! What we need from you is input. Where would you like to watch Youtube, Periscope or Facebook?

 Just make sure you read up about the natural hair show, let us know where you like to watch and tune in from 4 to 5 pm on Monday the 4th of July.

The new Store

Introducing the new site with such a beautiful announcement is great but it’s not all. The shop is also new and as an introduction you get 10% off on all products. All you have to do is use this code:

So happy shopping, happy 4th of July and hopefully we’ll meet at the natural hair show!

Going Natural Hair Care package

Going Natural Hair Care for Black Women, African American Men and Children


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