Voting – Challenge 1

I’d like to begin by saying all of the contestants are intelligent and beautiful and it was no easy task deciding who to choose in either category.  I could have pick them all of one reason or another.

That said, for use of the headband of ornament my number 1 pick is Safeeya.  The way Safeeya sported her headband gave the impression that it was made just for her.  It didn’t distract or take away, instead it enhanced her style and looked like the perfect choice for her current style.  She is definitely versatile.  I couldn’t believe she was the same model as the one who have the fish net across her face.

In terms of their stories my pick is Janeria.  I love her journey of self awareness, acceptance, discovery and love.  I also appreciate her idea of hair being political.  I believe that Janeria is very insightful and we will hear much more from her in the future.



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