Vee’s Evening Look

Oh my goodness, it just hit me that it's almost over!
The contest, that is.
Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

But I have truly had a ball with all the challenges.
I've met some awesome people, including – but not limited to – the other models.
I hope that the friendships made here will be lasting and develop into something
more than just passing acquaintances

Okay, enough before I start to get all mushy.
On to the next challenge.

Challenge 9 was to create our best evening hairstyle and look. 
Since I don't have a whole lot of versatility with my hair, I decided to concentrate on my make-up.
Going for a dramatic and sultry look, I focused mostly on my eyes.  Not quite sure, however, that I totally captured the look I'd first wanted to capture.  And even though we shot my evening look in broad day light,
I feel the photo shoot was pretty successful.  Not dark and glamorous like I wanted, but still good.
I was thinking about doing the whole photo shoot over – one more chance to capture on film what I had been picturing in my mind, but guess what?
It rained today.
Oh well, so much for the good lighting.
I hope you enjoy.
Peace everyone.

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