Time to Celebrate the 15th anniversary of my 1st hair book!

Cowrie Shell Earrings that never go out of Style

Some of you may not know that before there was Going-Natural.com, there was Kroeshaar.com. Just like Going-Natural it was a social web and networking site. The goal was and still is to connect with readers as well as to spread the beauty of natural hair to change the stereotypical perception of our hairstyles.

Kroeshaar, wat je moet weten en meer

My very first book was Kroeshaar, Wat je moet weten en meer. Published on March 9 2003, it was not only my debut as an author, it was also the very first book about natural hair in Dutch. A lot, A LOT, has happened since then but before we walk down memory lane, let me share with you how we are going to celebrate.


Since the start of this year, I have been working on this first part of the celebration; expanding the Going Natural store to a marketplace, so other vendors can join and you can get more of your products straight from the source!

WhatNaturalsLove.com is already in the top 4% of stores that launched that same week, so keep visiting, buying and sharing while we add new products and brands every week. We are going for nr. 1!

America’s Next Natural Model

You probably also already know that we are taking America’s Next Natural Model to the next level this year. Sponsored by SLM Suriname’s national carrier and Eco Resort in Paramaribo, the winner of America’s Next Natural Model gets a photo and video shoot in the Feng Shui Garden in Suriname. Please share, share and Share. I need you all to be there!

Then finally …

This last part of the celebration is absolutely not the least part of my 15th anniversary celebration. I even think you may like this part the most. It is of course the giveaways!

It was quite a challenge to figure this one out because I’ve always wanted to do giveaways but the shipping and handling fees add up.

Still, I managed to strike a very reasonable deal. While we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of my first book, you can get our anniversary items for free. All you pay for is a shipping and handling fee of $11.97.

Cowrie Shell

The first celebration gift that I am very happy to offer are these cowrie shell earrings!

I know you really, really like them and not only online, I get lots of compliments and questions off line as well so just go ahead and get your pair.

Just so you know, as much as I would love to give each and every one of you as a member, follower or fan a pair of these gorgeous earrings, I can only give away a limited number.

The gifts are shipped on a first come, first served basis. So if you really want these earrings for free, don’t wait! Pay for the shipping and handling and get them now.

Thank you for following me for all of these years and Happy anniversary!

Go get your pair! Cowrie Earrings for Free!



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