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Let our gorgeous models promote your precious items during America’s Next Natural Model.







Ngozi design Amethyst and Wood beaded necklace

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If you are a small business with unique items that you like to promote or sell, America’s Next Natural Model might offer the perfect solution for you. We have ten beautiful models who are ready to promote your products.

Live auction: audience 19.000+
For the 1st time in history our 19.000+ members will get an opportunity to bid on the items that the contestants show off and blog about. This is the best exposure a small business can get because all eyes of our growing social network will be on your items.

The pageant starts in January 2011 and last eight weeks. You can become a sponsor for only $49.99.

If you are interested in promoting your precious products during America’s Next Natural Model, send us an email. We look forward hearing from you.

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