Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 4


Ebony: It’s time to take it up a level! Your pictures are nice, but only just nice this week. Although you looked beautiful, it didn’t really pop. I much preferred your jewelry pictures. However in your make up ad shots, they are all very natural which is nice for every day life but in a shoot, don’t be afraid to be a bit more bold with your eye shadows. The client would want their product to be showcased.

Natasha: When shooting a make up ad, choose a mixture of natural and more bold make up varieties. I found your shoot uninspiring. You have great features and are very beautiful but need to keep practicing. I preferred your jewelry shots. Love the color on you and the earrings really stands out which is really good.



Raven: Love your make up shots. You showcased the make up beautifully, you look stunning! Can’t fault it at all! Really well done. Your jewelry shots were also nice. I’m still loving your edge, and you get better each week! Keep it up!


Denitrika: Your pictures you really nice this week! I especially love the picture where you are applying lipgloss! You come across very natural, i would love to see you on a more professional shoot and see you really excel!


Nina: Your make up shots were a bit boring, if I didn’t know what the task was, i wouldn’t have known what you were showcasing! Again, don’t be shy to be more bold with the colors of eye shadow, the client wants their product to be seen! You’re jewelry shots were much better! Love the way you used the jewelry! Beautiful!


Timolin: WOW! Stunning! Make up, photography, YOU! ALL STUNNING! Really well done for making such an effort. The close up of your face is AMAZING! Also the jewelry shots were stunning! It could have been a campaign! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The only way to improve it would be to put a bit more intensity in the eyes, but we’re in business now! I look forward to seeing more!


Munya: You must take it up a level, I see no improvement from last week to this week. Saying that, I do like the real close up of you in your make up shoot and the three quarter profile of you looking down! That’s you at your best! Didn’t like the jewelry shoot at all! I cant even see the jewelry properly! Remember to keep the focus on what it is you’re meant to be showcasing!


Laura: You kept the focus on the make up! That was good, you looked good…. But i am waiting for you to really pop. Time to take it to the next level! I want to see more intensity in your eyes.


Good Luck for next week girls! Remember to always let you picture do the talking! It needs to be clear what you are showcasing! The most important thing is the product! You are there to make it look good!










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