jessica's natural hairstyle

Jessica’s Natural Hair Story

jessica's natural hairstyle
jessica's natural hairstyle

I actually went natural in 2009 I got tired of always wearing weaves. I had a doobbie for a while then went back to weaves but nooo glue. lol.. I wanted to continue to take care of my own hair. I wore braids and sewing’s. 


Name: Jessica

Profession/Location: Teacher Aid,United States


When and why did you start locking.
I started my locks in February of 2011. I always wanted them I just love the look. I like how long they grow.

What method did you choose and why?
I didn’t get a perm in over a year before I got twist. I wore lace fronts for the first 6 months until my hair locked. I had to get use to them myself fist.

Jessica's Natural Hair Story BeforeWhat was the worst part of your journey?
I think the hardest part would be having to deal with people judging my hair.

And the best part?
The best part is I learned to love me for me. Naturally Beautiful. Plus I save a lot of money not buying weaves. Lol πŸ™‚

What did your hair journey teach you?
I learned to not care about what others think. The same people who judged me love my hair now. Lol πŸ™‚

Describe your worst hairdo and your best hairdo and please include a picture if you can.
My worst hairdo gotta be when I used to ware weave. It used to get messed up fast. Nappy weave is bad business lol. My best will be when I have my dreads creakily I love that look.

Looking back, has your perception of your hair or black hair in general changed? Please elaborate.
I used to be ashamed cause my hair wasn’t long enough when I was younger. As I got older I realized that my own hair is just as nice. Better.

Most girls loved their first perm. Do you remember yours? Was it a special occassion, how old were you and how did you feel about it?
I was about 9 when I got my first perm. I loved it just like most girls. It was nice and long. I felt pretty. It was all nice until it started to fall out. That’s when I stared thinking I gotta have weave to be pretty. I’m happy I’m not that same girl now.

jessicaWhat is your favorite hairstyle?
creakily dreads

How long have you been a member and how did you find
I just became a member and I was just searching the web.

What is your favorite youtube video?
I don’t have one.

I love my hair because:

You can find Jessica’s profile here is JessicaD












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